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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

About Fractal Flowers

Hi and welcome to Fractal Flowers. My name is Charisse Van Horn and I am a professional tarot reader and psychic medium. I love flowers and give live messages from Spirit on YouTube and Facebook that feature multiple nature-themed decks. I also have a love for fairies and bring messages from our fairy friends as well.

Since discovering the beauty and ease of AI-generated art, I create a lot of beautiful images through the Wombo app Dream. This is my FAVORITE tool for creating unique art creations and you will find many of my AI artworks on this blog. I try to go live on YouTube with free messages from Spirit that includes tarot readings daily, but it would surprise you just how often LIFE impedes my plans. Please know; that no matter how many days fall between my live streams I am still working towards my goal of streaming every day. I do; however, have many responsibilities that take preeminence over my passion. 

Legally, I must say that all tarot readings, oracle readings, and messages from Spirit (whether they be angels, fairies, or flower/nature spirits) are done for entertainment purposes and I, Charisse Van Horn, am not legally responsible or liable for any decisions you make in your life based upon a reading, video, or blog post I make. You have autonomy over your own life including the decisions you make. 

Now that the legalese is out of the way, let's have fun!

I will review my beautiful tarot and oracle decks on YouTube and share those videos on this blog. You quickly find that I have an ENORMOUS tarot and oracle card collection. Reading tarot and oracle cards (well, all forms of divination really) is my hobby and passion. I am learning the Runes and will soon add Rune readings to my YouTube live streams.

In addition to being an AI creator, I also create my own digital artwork from scratch. Those artworks are psychedelic images often depicting flowers (yes, fractal flowers) and set to music. Some of my original artwork is uploaded to my YouTube channel with meditative music for the purpose of relaxation, studying, reducing stress, and sleeping. I also create relaxation music videos set to nature images.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here at Fractal Flowers and that you will check out my social media profiles on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

God bless you and make sure to spend time in nature today.

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