Raise Your Vibration with This Healing Energy Frequency


Fractal Flowers Tarot Readings are intended to provide guidance and insight into your life's path.

However, it is important to note that tarot readings are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. 

Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn is a professional tarot reader with years of experience, but she is not a licensed therapist, financial advisor, or attorney. 

Any information provided during a tarot reading should not be taken as professional advice in these areas. 

Furthermore, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

While Charisse takes her work seriously and strives to provide accurate and insightful readings, she cannot guarantee the accuracy or outcome of any reading. 

By booking a tarot reading with Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn, you acknowledge and accept these terms and understand that any decisions or actions you take based on the information provided during the reading are your own responsibility.

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