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Friday, December 9, 2022

Negative Thoughts Never Produce Positive Actions: Five Minute Meditation

Have you ever realized that negative thoughts never produce positive actions?  I woke early this
morning and began meditating on several affirmations. I like to set my day by raising my vibration and mentally noting the things I intend to accomplish for the day. During my mental "to-do list" I thought of how nothing positive ever truly comes from negative thinking. Of course, we can always strive to turn something positive out of a negative situation or experience, but when it comes to goal setting and setting intentions, we must do away with all negative thought patterns. Otherwise, we are simply engaging in self-sabotage and have zero chance of effectively reaching our goals or having the impact we desire.

Negative thought patterns can be residual traits from toxic situations. Fear and doubt are often left from situations where we felt scared, powerless, neglected, or abused. Sometimes we fail to offer forgiveness for people that hurt us and instead of releasing the situation to love and letting go of the emotions we've attached to it, we internalize negative thoughts and engage in a pattern of self-destruction. 

It is imperative that we rid ourselves of toxic, negative thoughts and thinking patterns in order to give ourselves the freedom to be successful. 

What soundtrack is playing in your thought life? If you are continually speaking negatively to yourself or thinking negative thoughts, then you need to shift your inner dialogue. Speak lovingly to yourself and watch as things change. Give yourself at least three weeks to change your inner dialogue. When you think negatively or are full of doubt and fear, mentally set your mind on the positive. Reverse the negative thought by thinking of a positive alternative. Speaking this new positive affirmation out loud is a great way to change your thinking patterns.

Believing in yourself is paramount to achieving what you want in life and is the key to being happy. No one who is truly full of faith, hope, joy, gratitude, and belief in themself can be miserable. Sure, you may have some days that are better than others, but you will have the inner resolve to face any challenge and overcome it.

Life is not a race to the finish line but a spiritual journey to be felt, experienced, and enjoyed with the senses. If you are full of negative thoughts, you will not produce positive actions, nor will you have a pleasurable experience on your journey.

Reshape your thinking and watch as your life follows suit.

Please take the next five minutes to sit back, relax, and reset your outlook. 

If you enjoyed this meditation, you may download and print the coloring page below and meditate as you mindfully color your own mandala.

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