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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Share Compassion and Love with People, Plants, Animals, and Nature

Kindness flows through your hands. Share compassion and love with people, plants, animals, and nature today. You are a healer! Yes, it's true that you have the power to heal through your hands. Many people assume that healing is some magical gift bestowed by the Gods on a few chosen individuals. They think that only people with a special ability can tap into this gift. Have you ever realized that compassion, kindness, mercy, grace, and love are some of the easiest forms of healing that everyone can tap into, yet sadly, few people do?

You are a healer and you can share your healing gifts today with an act of your will. How easy it is for us to turn inward and lock up our healing gifts instead of sharing them with the world. When we are angry, upset, fearful, or stressed, we may find that our mood becomes tense. We may snap at those around us, say things we don't mean, and forget that our purpose here is to be a divine reflection of God's love.  That brilliant spark of divine love is within all of us, yet if we don't fan the flames and keep the fire burning, the darkness will try to snuff it out. 

The acts you perform, the words you say, and the choices you make determine how great your light shines.

There is a little spark inside each of us but we choose whether to grow that spark into the burning flame of love or keep it dimly lit. 

Do you remember the song: 'This Little Light of Mine?' 'This little light of mine. I'm going to let it shine. Hide it under a bushel, No! I'm going to let it shine.'

Today, Spirit is urging all of us to remove the bushels from our heart lights and fan those flames through love's actions of compassion, kindness, and love. 

Look for ways that you can let kindness flow from your hands to those around you. Share mercy, grace, and compassion with the people around you, with animals, and with nature. It is our purpose to care for our brothers and sisters, to take care of the animals on this planet, and to nurture nature by caring for the planet herself.

In today's card, you can see the beautiful woman as Spirit's love is reflected in the lights around her heart space, her hands are hidden reflecting that she has the choice whether to take action. The fractal flowers are in full bloom and ready for maturity. The time to take action and choose your path is now. 

Will you let Spirit's light of love remain just small burning flickers or will you fan the flames and set your heart ablaze? Only when you are burning with Spirit's love can you truly be a beacon of light for others.

The world is waiting for you to share your love, kindness, and compassion. What are you waiting for?

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