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Friday, December 9, 2022

Negative Thoughts Never Produce Positive Actions: Five Minute Meditation

Have you ever realized that negative thoughts never produce positive actions?  I woke early this
morning and began meditating on several affirmations. I like to set my day by raising my vibration and mentally noting the things I intend to accomplish for the day. During my mental "to-do list" I thought of how nothing positive ever truly comes from negative thinking. Of course, we can always strive to turn something positive out of a negative situation or experience, but when it comes to goal setting and setting intentions, we must do away with all negative thought patterns. Otherwise, we are simply engaging in self-sabotage and have zero chance of effectively reaching our goals or having the impact we desire.

Negative thought patterns can be residual traits from toxic situations. Fear and doubt are often left from situations where we felt scared, powerless, neglected, or abused. Sometimes we fail to offer forgiveness for people that hurt us and instead of releasing the situation to love and letting go of the emotions we've attached to it, we internalize negative thoughts and engage in a pattern of self-destruction. 

It is imperative that we rid ourselves of toxic, negative thoughts and thinking patterns in order to give ourselves the freedom to be successful. 

What soundtrack is playing in your thought life? If you are continually speaking negatively to yourself or thinking negative thoughts, then you need to shift your inner dialogue. Speak lovingly to yourself and watch as things change. Give yourself at least three weeks to change your inner dialogue. When you think negatively or are full of doubt and fear, mentally set your mind on the positive. Reverse the negative thought by thinking of a positive alternative. Speaking this new positive affirmation out loud is a great way to change your thinking patterns.

Believing in yourself is paramount to achieving what you want in life and is the key to being happy. No one who is truly full of faith, hope, joy, gratitude, and belief in themself can be miserable. Sure, you may have some days that are better than others, but you will have the inner resolve to face any challenge and overcome it.

Life is not a race to the finish line but a spiritual journey to be felt, experienced, and enjoyed with the senses. If you are full of negative thoughts, you will not produce positive actions, nor will you have a pleasurable experience on your journey.

Reshape your thinking and watch as your life follows suit.

Please take the next five minutes to sit back, relax, and reset your outlook. 

If you enjoyed this meditation, you may download and print the coloring page below and meditate as you mindfully color your own mandala.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 7, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Monday, November 7, 2022, and I pulled one card for you today from my Autumn Delights oracle deck. The card I pulled is Disguise and Spirit is asking us to examine ourselves and see what we are hiding from. 

November is the month of darkness and it is a time when we celebrate our friends, loved ones, and ancestors in Spirit. It is through these connections that we find peace and healing knowing that the relationships we held most important in life, continue even after death.

Today, Spirit is asking you to do a thorough self-examination and see if you are living your true and authentic life. Are you hiding behind various masks, afraid to let people see you for whom you really are?

Now isn't the time to shy away from the truth but open yourself to Spirit and to your higher self. Don't live in the shadows, afraid to let your light shine. There has never been a better time to embrace all the wonderful qualities that make you unique and special. 

Don't let anyone cause you to go through life wearing a mask. Don't be afraid to show your real face to the world. 

If fear is holding you back then you'll find that there is no better way to conquer fear than to face it head on. Remove the masks and disguises and let your light shine.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 6, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Sunday, November 6, 2022. I pulled one card for you today and it is Excitement. 

Spirit has given us wonderful messages this week and is promising wonderful things coming our way.

 Today's message of Excitement follows yesterday's card Harmless. Are you excited about working with Spirit? Are you excited about the good things that will come your way when you raise your vibration, trust in Spirit, and live your life walking with Spirit by holding the hand of love?

Our lives are journeys full of roads, turns, and valleys. It's easy to succumb to the pressures of life, give in to the negativity, and lose our focus along the way. Please remember that this is not the way Spirit wants you to live. 

Spirit has planned good things for you and it is up to you to open your heart to love and receive the wonderful gifts that await you.

Many people are walking wounded. They are living their lives in a shell because of the trauma they experienced. Some turn to substance abuse and other addictions to block out the pain or the after-effects of what they went through. This creates a negative cycle that stops people from living their life to their true potential and can stop them from ever reaching their dreams and goals. As 2022 draws to a close and we prepare for the winter solstice and then the new year, let's make a point to be excited about our lives. 

Sometimes you need to change your environment in order to change your perspective. Here at Fractal Flowers, we understand the importance of spending time in nature, especially if you are dealing with stress, sorrow, anxiety, and depression.

I pulled two additional cards for you to help you focus your intentions in the right direction. The first card is an affirmation that reminds us we have all the wisdom that we need inside of us. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we have a direct line of communication with Spirit and our higher selves. Meditating, resetting, and focusing is often what we need to get back on track.

The second card reminds us that we are not alone in this world. Besides the help from our friends, loved ones, and spirit; we have the wisdom of nature as well. Besides our guardian angels and even wisdom from the fairy realm and elementals, we have the beauty and wisdom of nature as teachers and healers. It's easy to lose our connection to Mother Earth with our technology and indoor lifestyles; however, it is important to spend time in nature every day. Sometimes just going for a walk and observing the plant and animal life that you see can help lift you out of a dreary mood and help you refocus and feel refreshed. 

Spirit is reminding us to spend time outdoors doing things we find exciting. What are you waiting for? Get outside and have some fun!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 5, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. I hope you are having a wonderful day. It is Saturday, November 5, 2022, and I pulled one card for you. Spirit's message today is Harmless. 

November is the month when we celebrate the dead. Modern media has made many people fear death and the unknown. As a psychic medium, I understand that there are beings on the spiritual plane that do mean to hurt or harm us, but that we control who we open our heart's door to.

Just as you decide who you let into your physical home, you also control what entity or situation you allow in your spiritual life.

November is not a time to fear death, darkness, or the paranormal, but it is a time to determine what spirit, situation, or relationships you will allow remaining in your life and what you will no longer tolerate.

Beginning with Halloween, the world focuses on ghosts, goblins, werewolves, vampires, demons, and even serial killers. Streaming television services begin non-stop marathons of slasher, gore, and horror films.

 The focus is placed on the dark side of the paranormal as it seems Hollywood is oblivious to the real purpose of spirit communication with the dead: healing.

This is not a time to walk around in fear of the unknown, but a time to set your intentions, elevate your spirit and work with your Spirit Team who have your best interest at heart. There are evil spirits in the world and when you close the door on them, they will not interact with them. By choosing to work and walk in love and raising your frequency by only allowing those from higher planes to work with you, you do not need to fear spirit communication.

You find that your spirit team is not only harmless but has your best interest at heart.

Spirit has shifted our messages to those of Creation; Hope; Trust; and now Harmless and I believe Spirit wants us to open our hearts to love and resist all fear. Now is the time to trust in Spirit and know that you are destined for good things in life. 

Walk with Spirit and you will never walk alone.

Here is a wonderful relaxation video featuring the 432 Hz, heart chakra frequency that promotes relaxation and healing.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 4, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Friday, November 4, 2022. I pulled a card for you today and it is Truth represented by the all-knowing and wise owl. 

If you look at the photo to the left, you may notice that the owl's eyes stand out. The owl's eyes represent truth, wisdom, and insight. Owls have night vision and because of their clarity, this card represents being able to see yourself through facades and illusions.

 Have you been denying the truth of a situation? Are you going through life with blinders on?

Owl represents truth and Spirit says that though you may be fearful to face the truth, it's time to muster your strength and face this challenge head-on. 

What is it you are afraid to look at or face? Is there are relationship that you know is not beneficial to you but you continue along so you won't upset anyone?

Is there a situation you've got yourself into and instead of rectifying the problem and changing to promote growth, you stay in the toxic environment?

When truth shows up it asks you to ask yourself what is it you are shielding yourself from. You most likely know what you should do, but facing the truth is harder than just keeping your head down towards the sand and pretending the situation isn't as serious as you know it is. 

Don't be afraid to open your eyes and peer into the darkness. This may be time for you to do shadow work and don't neglect to work with moon energy right now. The next full moon is on November 8, 2022, and you may want to begin doing the work so that you may release those things that no longer serve you during your next full moon ritual. 

Here is a guided meditation to help you see your true self.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Spirit Is Speaking To Us Today About Hope In The Darkness: Let Your Light Shine


Good Morning! If you are following my blog, you know that today's message from the Autumn Delights oracle deck is 'hope.' I pulled another card for my YT channel and it is along the same theme: Light in the Unexpected.' I love Spirit's message that is coming through as we are now in the season of darkness.

With the onset of Halloween (Samhain) and the Day of the Dead, much of the world currently recognizes that we are entering the 'dark season.' Messages continue to come through showing the parallels between what is happening in the natural world and what is happening in our spiritual lives. When I see Spirit repeat themes such as this, I often ask: 'What is coming, Spirit?' 'Why do you keep repeating messages about hope and light in the darkness?'

I believe that this may be a little more involved than Spirit simply saying: 'Cheer up, things will get better.' I feel this has to do with the pandemic and the coming winter months in relation to COVID-19 and RSV cases.  I 100 percent believe in and advocate for the vaccine. I am vaccinated and boosted and believe that vaccination is the answer (and has been the answer) to pandemics. And I have a rare genetic condition, auto-immune disorders are something I regularly deal with, and more than one of my children and family members have suffered legitimate side effects from vaccinations. STILL, I RECOMMEND THE VACCINE. I lost my aunt to Covid-19 and people need to stop focusing on conspiracy theories and focus on facts.

With that said, I felt in my spirit that we are being given a warning and a message of hope. We are not to live our lives in fear of the unknown, however; navigating these dark days of the pandemic can be difficult, trying, and stressful. 

Our beautiful message of hope reminds us that there is no situation that can overshadow the light of the human spirit. There is no darkness that the light will not scatter. We are made of stars; we are stardust. When we are surrounded by darkness, WE ARE THE LIGHT THAT SHINES.

No matter how down you may feel, refuel your light. Go to Spirit and refill your lamp. If you are having difficulty letting your light shine, then you need to spend time with Source. It's so easy. Simply close your eyes, breathe, relax, and listen. Open your heart to Spirit and Spirit will not let you down.

The message on YouTube (I have embedded it below) speaks about the Light in the Unexpected. This message refers to challenges or situations that suddenly show up unexpectedly. Sometimes these situations are minor setbacks (such as the five of coins or pentacles in the tarot deck) but other times they may be full major arcana Tower moments. It's hard to find the light in the darkness and some succumb to the darkness and simply give up. People may make matters worse by focusing on the confusion they feel rather than finding their way out of the situation.

The light is always there. The darkness never extinguishes the light and there is no situation that you can ever face that there isn't a way out of it. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way out is through, but that doesn't mean you are alone on your journey. You are also never left empty-handed and without the light of Spirit to guide you along the way.

It is humanity's journey to go through trials and difficulties as this is how we develop our character. The dark times will come; that is guaranteed. But we are not to fear these times. It is through these periods that we lift up our lights, illuminate our path, and begin our journeys carefully and meticulously. We will make it through. 

Do not give up. Spirit will never give up on you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 2, 2022

 Good morning and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is November 2, 2022, and we are officially welcoming the season of darkness. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween or Samhain, whichever celebration you prefer and now we are in the wonderful, autumn month of November. I will use several autumn-themed decks throughout this month to bring you daily messages from Spirit. As leaves and flowers fall to the ground and decay, we are reminded of the cycles of life that include death and rebirth. Without death, there is no room for something new to grow in its place. As we welcome autumn and prepare for winter, we often focus on many Americanized holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many of these holidays draw their roots from pagan festivals and it is important to remember where our celebrations come from. Halloween, Samhain, and All Souls' Day (celebrated on November 2) all stem from pagan festivals and rituals that celebrate, recognize and honor those who have passed beyond the veil.

I pulled one card for you today from my Autumn's Delight Oracle Deck. You will see this deck repeatedly throughout the months of September,  October and November and it is perfect for all things autumn, Samhain, and November readings. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and I will celebrate the holiday by focusing on gratitude and a spirit of giving.

The card I pulled for you today from Autumn's Delight Oracle Deck. The card is 'Creation.' You may think its strange that Spirit chose 'Creation' when we globally celebrate the festival of the dead, but it makes great sense.

Death is always followed by creation and this is evidenced in our plants and flowers. In autumn, plants, flowers, and trees shed their leaves or blooms and often fall to the ground in a process of death and release. Trees give up their nuts and many people celebrate harvest feasts during the months of autumn as they collect bounties that will sustain them throughout the winter months. After the vast emptiness of winter comes new creation and new life in spring.

It may be said that nature releases the things that no longer serve during autumn in preparation for the new life that blossoms forth in spring.

Is this reflective of your own life? I hear Spirit saying to you: 'What is it that you need to let go of during this season of darkness?' 'What no longer serves you as you ready yourself for your new creation? When you set your intentions and purpose to manifest something in your life, are you not in the process of creation? Just as the Oak tree releases her acorns every year in order to prepare for new growth, you too must release things that you can no longer hold on to. This is the process of creation but one many try to skip over. It isn't enough to set your intentions or quote your affirmations. You must first do the hard work of releasing those things (situations, beliefs, even toxic relationships) that hold you back and hinder your growth.

You must protect your intention as a pregnant woman guards and nourishes her own womb which is the host for new life. A wise woman feeds her embryo the highest quality nutrients and avoids/shuns those things that are harmful or jeopardize the new life within. Guard the seed of creation as you grow it to fruition. Protect that seed as Spirit germinates your ideas and watch the miracle of creativity bring your intention through the many stages of necessary growth until it manifests and becomes reality.

November also is a month that is linked to apples which represent immortality. In many traditions, it is common to leave apples on your doorstep in order to welcome your spirit loved ones into your home. Throughout this month, consider bringing apples into your home and enjoy them in their many forms. Apples have many metaphysical properties and are commonly seen in Halloween and Samhain rituals but are also common throughout the months of November and even into December.

Apples are a common theme in numerous myths ranging from Ancient Greek and Rome to fairy tales and the Garden of Eden. Apples are very 'witchy' as they contain seeds that comprise a pentagram. 

Apples are tools used in divination and if you are familiar with the Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples, you've witnessed a practice that began as a divination game for determining whom someone would marry.

Though apples are associated with Mabon (September) and Samhain (October 31-November 1) you will find apples throughout the month of November as this fruit is recognized and revered for its many physical and metaphysical properties.

Have you put out apples for your Spirit loved ones? What are you ready to release in your life as you prepare for the new period of growth and creation that will comes as you move through the season of darkness into the season of light?

Check out the following video clip below showing some Day of the Dead celebrations.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 1, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Are you celebrating Samhain? Samhain began on October 31st at dusk and ends tonight on November 1st at dusk. It is a time to honor the dead and welcome the season of darkness. It's also a time when we look at our own lives and release things that no longer serve us. Just as the trees are releasing their leaves and nuts, we too must let go of things that are holding us back as we prepare for the winter months.

Winter is all about protection and using the things that were stored up during the harvest for sustenance. As we await the new growth of spring, we enter this season prepared and ready for to let spirit do the releasing work in us so that we create room for new growth.

Jack-o'-lanterns (or will-o'-the-wisps) have been lit for centuries to keep dark spirits (often mischievous fae or sprites) from wreaking havoc on one's life. Lit jack-o'-lanterns are used to provide protection of the home where they are adorned. 

Do you need protection today? Yesterday are message was 'Zombie' and we received Spirit's messages about living life to the fullest and being a pro-active, participant in your life. Now, we see our message is protection. Do you feel safe and secure? Do you believe that you can achieve the life that you want and that there is nothing to fear as you go after your dreams? Do you know within your heart that you are truly safe from all harm?

There is great peace that comes when you accept Spirit's love and realize that there is nothing anyone can do to you to truly harm you. Bring in the white light of Spirit multiple times per day and grow that energy as a super strong, impenetrable barrier that surrounds and protects you. Do you protect yourself and your home with charms, spells, herbs, and crystals? If not, then start now.

Maybe you don't need spiritual protection but physical protection. Do you need to set up boundaries in your life? Are people taking advantage of you? Are you dealing with people who do not have your best interest at heart? Jack-o'-lantern says that it is time for you to think of yourself first and ensure that you are being protected. Spirit offers you all the protection you need. Make sure to work with your spirit team and let your guardian angels know what you need. Call upon Archangel Michael for your protection needs.

Here is a white light meditation that will help you call on Archangel Michael for protection and purification.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 31, 2022 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is October 31, 2022, and today we celebrate the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead. Halloween or Samhain is one of the most important holidays in pagan cultures. Samhain is a festival that welcomes in the new year and ushers in the start of the season of darkness. Samhain begins at dusk on October 31st and ends on November 1st at dusk. For many, Halloween will be a time to celebrate with apples, pumpkins, candy and trick-or-treating. For our reading today, I am choosing a card from Stacey Demarco's deck The Halloween Oracle. The card I selected today is Zombie.

Today, ask yourself if you are living life just going through the motions, and not being fully aware. Are you an active participant in your life or are you running on autopilot?

If you are going through life like a zombie, maybe you reached this state because someone controlled or manipulated you. Perhaps you have endured neglect or abuse and 'checked out' as a way of protecting yourself.

The methods that we use for self-protection are a form of control as we try to maintain a sense of power over our lives.

Halloween or Samhain is a time when we honor those who have passed into spirit and there are many global customs that have commemorated that on October 31st when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest.

When there is so much focus on those who have passed away, ask yourself if you are walking through life half awake or in a zombie state or if you are living your life to the fullest. Are you living your life as your true, authentic self? Are you co-creating with Spirit the life that you know you are destined to live? 

Sometimes in order to live authentically, we have to give up control. Think about someone who is living their life 'in the closet' so to speak. It could be any secret they are hiding about themselves and in order to protect themselves from what they believe may be future harm or hurt. However; when you live behind a facade in order to control a situation, you hurt yourself and others in the long run.

You are only here on this earthly plane for a limited time. As we honor and remember those who have passed on, be sure to honor them in the best way possible: by living your life to the fullest.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 30, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Sunday, October 30, 2022, and many are getting ready for Halloween and enjoying the holiday weekend. I've pulled a card for you today from the Oracle of the Roses deck. The card is 'The Caregiver' and is number 33.

The message from the Caregiver is about self-care and self-love. The Caregiver asks you to nurture yourself as you nurture others. How can you show love to yourself? 

Are you overworked, overstressed, and tired?

Are you taking on more projects than you are able to complete? Now is the time to assess the tasks on your plate to ensure you aren't overworked.

Don't be afraid to delegate authority and have other people help pick up the slack when needed.

The Fleur de Pecher Rose is a full-bodied, pink rose that brings a sense of peace when gazing at it. 

Likewise, find something in your immediate environment that brings peace and serenity simply by staring at it. Consider bringing a beautiful rose in your home or another lovely flower that promotes peace and balance. 

If you don't want to meditate with a flower, why not choose your favorite crystal? Spend time in quiet meditation as this is an important part of your self-care and connection with spirit.

You may use this flower gazing meditation to help center yourself and refocus.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 29, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Saturday, October 29, 2022, and I have pulled our oracle card for the day. Our message comes from the Celtic Tree Oracle deck and the card is the Fearn Alder. This oracle deck features the Celtic Ogham tree language and the sacred tree we are focusing on is Alder which is represented by Fearn. You may see the ogham and picture featuring the Alder leaf to the left. Though the picture features the card upright, our message is reversed.

The Alder tree speaks to us about bringing ourselves into harmony and balance. This may include keeping our male and feminine energies in balance, but you will want to inspect yourself and your recent actions. Have you been acting in balance and harmony? Are your actions in line with your core beliefs? 

Alder speaks to us about the importance of psychic development and our connection to our Spirit Team for guidance, knowledge, and wisdom. Your Spirit Team is multi-faceted and includes ancestors, friends, and loved ones who have crossed into spirit, spirit guides including ascended masters, spirit animals, fairies, and angels, spirit helpers from the astral plane, and God.  Take time in meditation to hear their wisdom and guidance for you.

Pay attention to additional ways Spirit is speaking to you today. This could include signs in nature including animal life, synchronicities, and your dreams. Trust your intuition and don't doubt your own spiritual power and psychic connections to Spirit.

Bring all aspects of your life into balance and you see that the answers you seek lie within.

You may see a video speaking about the sacred Celtic Alder tree below.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 28, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Friday, October 28, 2022, and today's message is from the Angels and Ancestors deck. Today's card is 'Wise One' and the message is Grow Within Your Current Situation.

The Wise One is a nice way to describe the crone aspect of the three-fold goddess. the triple goddess comprises the maiden, mother, and crone or wise woman. This is the woman who has reached her senior years and displays the most psychic aspects of the stages. Where the maiden holds most of her spiritual power in her innocence and purity, the mother holds her power in her ability to grow, nurture, and manifest.

The crone or wise woman holds her power and strength in her wisdom. She can readily trust her intuition because she has years of experience behind her. She easily recognizes the voice of Spirit and the many forms guidance speaks through because of her knowledge. 

Today, the Wise One is speaking to us about the current situations we find ourselves in. We are to lean on our inner knowledge and wisdom and trust Spirit's leading, as we rest assured that all things will work together for our good. 

If you are not the Wise One yet, this message may say that you need to seek the advice and wisdom from your elders. You may be in a situation and feel lost, helpless and without direction. Spirit will use the Wise Ones to help guide you on the correct path so if you are unsure what to do, seek at the help, advice, and wisdom from a Wise One.

You may also want to embrace the characteristics of the Wise One in relation to your situation. This can include being responsible, making wise decisions, being accountable, and honoring the commitments that you have made in life. By leaning on your own wisdom and when in doubt,  seeking the advice of the Wise One, you will continue to grow during your current situation.

You may learn more about the triple goddess in the video player below.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Orace and Tarot Readings October 27, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Thursday, October 27, 2022, and I pulled a card for you today. Our message is from the Animal Spirit oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid and it is number 49, Rabbit Spirit. I've included a photo of our card upright, however; today's message is reversed. That means that it is a protective message and we may need to make some personal adjustments in our lives in order to reap all of the blessings Spirit has in store for us. The message that accompanies Rabbit Spirit is 'Now is a lucky time.' You may see a photo of Rabbit Spirit to the left.

There is a new opportunity awaiting you and Spirit is saying it is time to take a leap of faith. You are beginning a new journey and in your heart, you are ready for the adventure, but you are afraid. It takes a huge boost of courage to trust that you will be okay when you venture into unforeseen territory. Rabbit Spirit offers the assurance that you can make this jump because this is a prosperous time of blessings and new beginnings.

Trust in your partnership with Spirit and let faith guide and lead you as you move forward on your journey. Don't let fear stop you from experiencing all the blessings that are yours to enjoy. Don't stay in the dark afraid to step into the sunlight because you aren't sure what you'll find. 

Rabbit Spirit also encourages you to adopt a playful, fun spirit as you embrace the unknown yet trust in Spirit as you move forward on your journey.  There is a carefree nature that comes when you lose your inhibitions and find your faith. You are a co-creator in this life with Spirit. Find your faith and take action as you leap into your new destiny. Spirit will not let you fall.

You deserve to live the life you've dreamed of. Don't let fear or anxiety hold you back.

Here is a wonderful white light meditation from the Honest Guys that will help you stay grounded knowing you are safe and secure as you overcome doubt, fears, and anxiety and realize your goals.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 26, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Wednesday, October 26, 2022, and I have pulled our oracle card of the day. I used the Goddess Power oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid and our goddess is Kuan Yin. The message is compassion and the number is 27. I have shown the card upright, but today's message is actually reversed. This means that we need to course correct and come into alignment. 

Spirit is speaking to us today about those whose hearts are heavy and troubled regarding the suffering in the world. It can be easy to lose hope and sink into despair when focusing on things such as the pandemic, sickness, disease, politics, poverty, and the many crises that face the world both locally and globally. 

Kuan Yin reminds us that our compassion is a wonderful trait and what motivates us to help others in need, but if left unchecked, we run the risk of becoming despondent over current affairs.

We can not lose heart trying to save the world. Instead, focus on small steps. You are but one person and it is impossible for you to save the world. However; you can make a difference in your immediate community. Look for ways to help on a smaller scale. Comfort yourself by knowing that you are contributing and making a difference. 

You are a wonderful person with a huge, compassionate heart. Don't focus on the things that you can't do to change the world or ease others' suffering. The problems are too great for you to carry alone. Instead, focus on what you can do for those closest to you. Your compassion will not go unnoticed.

Here is a video to help you relax and ease tension and worry.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Working With God's Energy For The Highest Good of All

As an energy healer, I understand the importance of bringing in the white light of the Holy Spirit through the crown chakra and purifying my spirit, soul, mind, will, emotions, and physical body. I also know the importance of growing, clearing, and cleansing my chakras, down to the root that is connected to the red ruby crystal pulsating at the center of the earth...where we are connected to our great Mother Earth. What I want to speak about is working with God's energy for the highest good of all. 

You see, I also understand the importance of connecting to the God of our own understanding (It is not my place to tell you who God is to you, though I can tell you who God is to me), but just as it is important to purify our energy centers and extend our energy through our aura and energy field and into our atmosphere, so too WILL the HOLY SPIRIT fill our beings and our environment with DIVINE ENERGY. 

It is when we bring our energy into alignment with the energy of Spirit that the great merge happens and miracles abound.

We are NOT the creator. We are not the 'I Am that I Am'. We are in PARTNERSHIP with God. We are PARTNERS with the GREAT I AM and when we bring ourselves into alignment with God's will and plan for our lives, then we will walk in a glory unimaginable and see the manifestation of God's power in our lives. 

One reason I love this song is that it is a direct call for the HOLY SPIRIT to 'Fill This Place.' 

Just as with working with energy, whether on your own or as a healer, you bring the white light of Spirit in to purify, cleanse, restore, and then can push that energy out into your environment, God wants to bring DIVINE ENERGY into YOUR LIFE.

Not only does 'Fill This Place' refer to your location (whether it be in a church, temple or sanctuary, worship hall, auditorium, living room, bedroom, office, school room, or mountain top) 'Fill This Place' refers to YOUR INNER SPIRIT.

When we call on the Holy Spirit to Fill US, we are bringing in the white light of the Holy Spirit through our chakras (the seven major energy centers of the body), and then we are to WORK WITH SPIRIT'S ENERGY... 

Filling ourselves... then extending Spirit's energy through our auras and into our energy field (think about an arm's length extending out and away from your body) and into your environment.

Everywhere you walk, you are meant to take the power of the Holy Spirit with you. Everyone you meet, whom you interact with, whom you speak to, you are to be a living representative of the Holy Spirit.

Are we perfect? No. 
Do we fall short? Yes. 
Do we get up and fill ourselves again when our vessel is empty and start all over? Yes. 

One day at a time, one breath at a time, one step at a time; we are learning how to be representatives of the Holy Spirit and how to embody the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) and give them back to the world.

This song is my praise to the Holy Spirit and my prayer. You are Worthy. Come and Fill This Place. Please bless us and fill us with your presence so that we may work in partnership with YOU for the highest good of all.

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 25, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Tuesday, October 25, 2022, and I have drawn our oracle card for the day. I used the Oracle of the Fairies deck by Karen Kay and our beautiful Spirit message is Journey. This is a wonderful card to show up after yesterday's reading that spoke about our focus and becoming unstuck in life. Now, Spirit is telling us to get our preparations in order because a journey is coming.

The fairies are bringing you an exciting message today. Are you ready to receive it? This could mean that you are about to embark on a fabulous journey or trip. Now that we are nearing the end of October, many people will begin planning for the November holidays. This message may come in for those who are in the United States planning and preparing for Thanksgiving weekend trips. 

This card may also say that it's time for you to loosen up your schedule and add a bit of spontaneity to your life. Are you feeling overworked, stressed out, and tired? Maybe a weekend trip or sudden getaway is just what the doctor ordered to get back on track. 

Of course, this message may not be literal and can simply mean that you are on your spiritual journey and to be prepared for a new level of growth and understanding. 

Our beautiful fairy card depicts the fairy of travel with a hare. Hares are fast creatures and our lovely fairy is ready to go at the drop of a hat. Likewise, you too should be prepared for a sudden departure as this message may be taken literally that an opportunity may soon arise for you to take a trip so be prepared.

For those who can't suddenly get up and go, you may enjoy this guided meditation where you can take a spiritual journey to the outer edges of the universe via your subconscious.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings; October 24, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Monday, October 24, 2022, and here is our oracle card reading. The deck I am using is the Flowers Oracle by Antonella Castelli and the card is number 7 and Chestnut Bud. This deck works with Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies and Chestnut Bud and is useful for those who find themselves stuck in limiting beliefs, destructive habits, and unable to move forward from the past. Chestnut Bud can help those who need help to focus on their current, and present situation in order to move forward on their journey. 

Sometimes in life, people make mistakes, learn their lesson then move on. Chestnut Bud appears in our reading today to say at other times, we fail to learn lessons and continually make the same mistakes. This is an unhealthy and destructive pattern that results in stagnation and failure to grow or move forward. Spirit is asking us to do a quick inventory and see if there are any situations in our lives we repeat. If we are always ending up in the same place, it's because we haven't learned to travel in a different direction. Many of us continue driving down a dead-end street trying to get to a different destination. It simply will not happen.

In order to reach our goals, we have to map out the correct course. When we take a wrong turn, we must receive the information with self-awareness and admit that we made a mistake. Then we start over and follow the map correctly. If we continue to follow the same wrong path, we will never reach our goal. 

How many times have you found yourself in the same situation? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If you continue to find yourself in the same situation, then it is time to make some necessary changes.

Chestnut Bud comes in today to say don't be afraid to course correct. Yes, you will first need to accept your mistake with humility, receive information to help you find your path, and then course correct but what is the alternative? Are you going to stay stuck and stagnant because your pride is too great?

There can be a sense of failure experienced by those who don't want to recognize their mistakes and begin again. You must not look at your past mistakes as failures but as grand opportunities to start over. Ask yourself how wonderful you will feel once you course correct and start moving forward in life. There is nothing to be gained from staying stuck in limiting situations that leave you feeling trapped, unable to move freely, and living without joy. You are a wonderful, magical creature who deserves to enjoy life to the fullest. It's time to break free from the things that have you bound, trapped, and stuck. Move forward in joy, happiness, and freedom. You deserve it!

Please enjoy this guided meditation from the Honest Guys that will help you focus on letting go of the past and moving forward on your spiritual journey through life.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Sunday, October 23, 2022, and today's oracle reading is from the Oracle of the Roses. this is a beautiful deck by Cheralyn Darcey and features 44 roses. Today's message is number 34 and the rose is the Madame Abel Chatenay. Our message is 'The Self' and you may see a picture of today's card to the right.

Spirit is asking us to examine our thought patterns, practices, behaviors, and beliefs. We cannot grow and expand if we are unwilling to look at ourselves through the careful lens of self-examination. 

We must strive to bring ourselves into alignment with Spirit and our higher selves by being honest and open with ourselves. If there are behaviors, habits, or negative thought patterns that are holding us back we must identify these and rectify them. 

You must be assured and confident that you are connected to Spirit and have the ability within yourself to solve problems and course-correct when you go astray. Spending time in meditation is often the key to those moments in life when one feels overburdened, stressed, and filled with anxiety. Instead, take time to stop, reflect, and spend time in meditation for it is often within that we find the answers to the outside problems we face. 

Have you been hard on yourself? Have you doubted your strength, your confidence, and your ability to problem solve, or do you feel that your best simply isn't good enough? You have everything that you need to accomplish your dreams, goals, and visions within you. You are your own superhero, but you must begin by having a healthy sense of self-esteem. Also, ensure that you are living your life in balance. 

As human beings, we live our lives according to various cycles and rhythms and sometimes these are out of balance. Meditation will help you find your balance once again and reconnect you with yourself, your mind, your higher self, and with Spirit. 

Do you believe that you have the answers within you to the problems you face? If you are still in doubt about your awesomeness, stop and think about previous times you have problem-solved and found solutions to situations on your own. This is no different. No matter what you are facing, you have the tools to solve the problem. 

Our beautiful Madame Abel Chatenay rose blooms bountiful and reminds us we too grow, blossom, and bloom like the rose.

You may watch a video of Cheralyn Darcey discussing the meaning of flowers, including roses below.  

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 22, 2022

 Hi and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Saturday, October 22, 2022, and I will give messages from Spirit using multiple oracle decks.  Here is a photo of today's reading and a breakdown of each oracle deck and the card drawn. Several cards in today's reading are reversed. This means that Spirit has either an alignment task for us or is offering a protection message.

Here are today's cards drawn for our Fractal Flowers oracle reading. 

  • The Mother (17): The Oracle of the Roses
  • Water Violet (34): The Flowers Oracle
  • Magical Gateway: Oracle of the Fairies
  • Aine (reversed) (1): Goddess Power Oracle Deck
  • Brown Bear Spirit (reversed) (9): Spirit Animal Oracle
  • Druid: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
  •  Straif Blackthorn (reversed) (14): Celtic Tree Oracle
  • Sage: The Witches' Kitchen

Oracle of the Roses: The Mother

Today we are reminded of the goddesses that emphasize what it means to be a mother, nurturer, healer, and full of compassion. These goddesses included Gaia, Rhea, Demeter, Isis and Terra Mater. Our rose today is the Old Blush Rose, and it reminds us not to turn away from our roots and see if there are any connections that need repair. You are encouraged to mother yourself during this time and if you have unhealed hurts from your past, take the time to revisit these. Release forgiveness if needed and then compassion. You may be asked to strengthen or heal relationships with those who have played the mother-role in your life. The mother embodies strength, grace, wisdom, patience and compassion. Exhibit these traits with others as well as with yourself.

The Mother card also asks us to reflect upon unconditional love and how we define it. As mother, we show unconditional love to our children and there are many wounded people who continue to suffer through life because their own parents withheld unconditional love from them. 

Spirit wants us to walk in love as this is our highest calling in life. First, we must show love to Spirit, to others, for the planet, plant and animal kingdom, and to ourselves. Ask yourself what unconditional love means to you and examine your behaviors. Are you an example of unconditional love for others? Are you an example of unconditional love for yourself?

Cybele: The Phrygian Goddess, The Mother of all Gods

The Flowers Oracle: Water Violet

Water Violet is Dr. Bach's flower remedy for those who have become a bit isolated and separate from others. This may be for a number of reasons but for today's reading and the previous "Mother" card, it appears Spirit is speaking about those who may have unhealed hurts from the past and as a result erected walls to keep others from getting to close. Water Violet speaks of the need to lower the walls, open your heart, and let others in. 

Many of these people prefer their company to others and seemingly do very well by being alone. They are self-reliant, confident, and are perfectly content without opening up their lives to others, but this isn't what Spirit has planned for them. If you are in this situation yet still feel pangs of loneliness, Spirit wants you to know that you are never truly alone. By examining your heart and healing any past hurts, you can lower your guard and find your way to truly opening your heart to those whom you wish to have a deeper relationship with. Not only this, but you will find that your love for humanity will increase and you can enjoy a deeper relationship with Spirit, a more grounded connection to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, and find a new connection with other people. 

Dr. Bach Flower Remedy: Water Violet

Oracle of the Fairies: Magical Gateway

The oracle of the fairies speaks to those who have been teetering on the idea that fairies are real. The message is to walk through the magical gateway that leads to the realm of the fae. In many areas of life seeing is believing, but when it comes to entering the magical gateway of the fae realm, you must believe before you can see.

 Fairies are an angelic realm that comprises guardians of the Earth. As you begin to see and work with fairies, you will become more ecologically minded. You will find your connection to Mother Earth is greater and you'll view the world in a different way. It isn't uncommon for people to become vegan or vegetarian after they begin working with the fairy realm. 

The key to walking through the magical gateway to the fairy realm is found in your heart. Do you believe that fairies are real?

Today, the fairies ask you to open your heart by unlocking the door and taking a step of faith through the door to the realm of fae.

Simply step outside and spend a few moments in quiet meditation with nature. Ask the fairies to show themselves to you. 

Fairy Whisperers Claim to Be Able to See Fairies

Goddess Power Oracle Deck: Aine (reversed)

In the Goddess Power Oracle Deck, the Irish goddess Aine comes through with a message about change and adaptability. Known as Queen of the Fairies, Aine could easily shift through any realm. She was also known for the duality of her personality where she was full of love, healing, and all things bright and warm, yet when crossed, could bring wrath and a curse. One of Ireland's most beloved goddesses, Aine's message today is for those who fear change and are scared to move with life's changing rhythms.

 There have been many important changes facing humanity since the start of the 2019 COVID pandemic and many are afraid of what life has to bring. Aine's message is that in order to face life's challenges, you must be fully present and willing to adapt to whatever comes your way. Do not fear the unknown, do not fear the future, and do not fear the changes that face you. You are strong, victorious, and an overcomer. There is no situation, sickness, rumors of war, or even war that can keep you from your destiny. Stand strong and stand in courage. Know that when these things arise in your life, there is no use in trying to fight them. You can change with them, but they do not have to change who you are. Keep your heart of love and light pure and you will find that there is nothing that can overshadow you and plunge you into darkness. 

Spirit Animal Oracle Deck: Brown Bear Spirit (reversed)

Brown Bear Spirit reminds you that there is a time to wait and a time to rest. Because this card is reversed, Spirit is saying that you are rushing or working yourself too hard. This may be physically at your job, or it could be something that you are pursuing. Whatever it is, you are trying to resolve a situation or achieve a desired outcome and you are pushing yourself too hard trying to make something happen. Instead, it is time to take a rest or pause and go within. If you are working too hard, then Spirit is saying to take a break. If you are trying to resolve a situation with no luck, then Spirit says withdraw, meditate, go within, and look at the situation from a different point of view.

Regardless of your exact situation or circumstance, Brown Bear Spirit says to step back and take a break. You do not need to manifest the answer. You just need to go within and open your eyes. The answer will appear at the perfect time.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck: Druid

Druid comes in to let you know that now is not the time to make any sudden moves or changes. It is best to take your time and stand still. Hold your ground and hold space. Don't let fear of the unknown cause anxiety or make you feel as though you must make a rash decision. In fact, the opposite is true. Spirit is bringing through multiple messages in today's readings suggesting it is best to stay where you are and just wait. Trust that Spirit is working everything out for your best interest and by waiting and trusting, you will soon see things in a different way.

Remember, this is not the time to make any sudden changes.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Straif Blackthorn (reversed)

Many times when we run into problems or difficulties, it is easy to point the finger at others and cast blame. We can then develop a habit of never taking accountability or responsibility for our own actions and falling into patterns of negativity that only make the problem worse. Life is full of challenges and we are all on a journey of growth. Everyone makes mistakes and when someone makes a mistake (whether you or someone else), it's imperative to offer forgiveness. Learn from the mistake, release love and healing, and move forward. 

You may need to hold yourself accountable for a negative situation you are currently finding yourself in. Spirit is saying that now is not the time to make sudden moves to 'fix things.' Make yourself accountable for your part in the situation. Only by owning your mistakes and being accountable for your actions can you truly learn from your behavior and grow. Stand strong and firm and you find that being accountable is the path to true growth. 

Witches' Kitchen: Sage

Shrubby sage, sacred space
I'll purify and cleanse your place
Vibrations raised, no longer stuck
assist, I shall, to bring you luck.
This magic is worked with harm to none
So mote it be. There it is done
 - from the Witches' Kitchen

Sage is all about protection and purification. You may have let too much negative energy into your space and Spirit is saying it's time to clean house. Grab your sage, incense, or sticks and do your purification rituals. You may also use sage sprays if you suffer from allergies or asthma and prefer not to have smoke wafting in the air.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 21, 2022

 Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Friday, October 21, 2022, and I am giving messages from Spirit using my oracle and tarot decks. Part of this reading will be on the blog and the other part will take place live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

If you have questions regarding one of plants, flowers, goddesses, or animal types in these readings, please use the Wikipedia app to the right of these blog posts and search for more information.

I am starting with eight oracle decks. They are as follows.

  • The Lover (24): The Oracle of the Roses
  • Gorse (13): The Flowers Oracle
  • Wait for Winter: Oracle of the Fairies
  • Yuki Onna (upright) (52): Goddess Power Oracle Deck
  • Dolphin Spirit (20): Spirit Animal Oracle
  • Star Ancestor: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
  • Nuin Ash (reversed) (5): Celtic Tree Oracle
  • Apple: The Witches' Kitchen

Oracle of the Roses: The Lover

Our message from the Oracle of the Roses is the Lover. This rose is called the Bourbon Rose and it is an Old Garden Rose. The Bourbon Rose speaks about passion and this rose is certainly a beautiful specimen to behold. Ask yourself today: 'What is it that I love?' 'What is it I am passionate about?' We are emotional creatures and our lives would be void and meaningless without love or even the ability to pursue our passions and dreams.
When the Lover card appears it may refer to one of the many ways that love flows in our lives. Sometimes the Lovers (whether in this oracle deck or in tarot) can refer to sexuality and romantic love. Sometimes it refers to our own self-love and views of self-esteem and self-worth. What are your own personal values and morals? The Lovers asks you to examine your core beliefs and live a life that is honorable and in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all. The Lover card also asks us to keep our passions in perspective and balance. Your relationship with Spirit always takes priority and your primary and number one love should be with Spirit or the God of your own understanding.

Next, you want to live a life that is in balance and in alignment, that shows the love you have for others, the world, and the environment (animals, plants, Mother Earth), and next you want to show yourself a healthy sense of love. Some may say that your love for Spirit and love for yourself walk hand-in-hand and is actually the first on the list because if you can't love yourself, you won't show love to your neighbors and your environment. It is by cultivating a loving relationship with Spirit (the God of your own understanding) that you will learn how to truly love yourself and love others as well.

Flowers Oracle: Gorse

Gorse is a powerful plant that can withstand the elements of winter. It is more common in Europe than in the United States but offers many invaluable lessons to those seeking spiritual wisdom from plants, animals, and nature (Mother Earth). The number for this card is 13, so keep that in mind today as often these readings work with the numerology listed on each card.  This oracle deck works with Dr. Bach's flower remedies and Gorse is a remedy for those who are in despair. 

By Rosser1954 -Roger Griffith, Public Domain
The beautiful yellow depicted in Gorse elicits feelings of hope in times of uncertainty. Gorse speaks to us about the steadfastness of faith and knowing that when we are walking with Spirit and aligned with our higher selves, there is nothing that can stop us. There is no trial, tribulation, or obstacle that we will not overcome. As a psychic medium, I attest the Spirit lives on and our journeys on this plane do not cease when our physical bodies stop working. Our Spirit journey continues and our loved ones who have crossed the plane may still interact with us and send messages. Knowing that our lives our eternal and death is a weak opponent, we should live our lives with the assurance that there is nothing that can come our way that can ever truly defeat us. Our spirits are unstoppable and grow from one trial and tribulation to the next. Lest not your heart be troubled...simply believe.
CC BY-SA 3.0

You may find lessons and wisdom the Gorse plant offers humankind at the Goddess Tree.

Oracle of the Fairies: Wait for Winter

Our fairies came through with a message about waiting for winter. As Gorse reminds us to be hopeful in times of uncertainty, our Fairy Queen of Winter has stepped in to tell us that we are going to see a spiritual breakthrough in winter. It is currently autumn in the northern hemisphere with the first day of winter beginning on December 21, 2022, or in 61 days. 

Regardless of where you are located right now,
this message lets us know that within approximately two months' time, there is going to be a spiritual breakthrough and to stand in faith, hope, and remain steadfast. 
Have you set your intentions? Have you set goals? Have you continued working towards your goals or have you become disillusioned, lazy, or simply forgotten about the wonderful things you planned to work on? Two months is a lot of time to revolutionize your life. Why not refocus, restrategize, and get those dreams, goals, and visions back on board. It's never too late to pick up and start over again, no matter how far you fear you have fallen.

You have 61 days! What miracles can you and Spirit manifest in 61 days? Make sure the things you manifest are for the highest good of all and under Spirit's divine plan of love. Take action now. Remove any spiritual (or physical) blocks that have stopped you from reaching your goal. Strategize, get focused, and work on your plan. Together, you and Spirit can co-create miracles!

Goddess Power Oracle: Yuki-Onna (Upright)

Our message from the Goddess Power Oracle Deck is Yuki-Onna. The card and goddess represent stillness and there is a theme being depicted in today's reading that speaks about winter, stillness, preparation, and waiting for the return of those things you are manifesting. Yuki-Onna is the Japanese goddess of winter. Yuki-Onna is similar to the High Priestess card  in the tarot deck. This card speaks of

non-action and encourages you to stand still as you wait for your intentions to bring forth your manifestations. Today's reading has repeatedly spoke about our manifestations coming to pass during winter. No matter where you are reading this from, the messages from Spirit indicate that we can expect our manifestations to materialize in approximately 61 days.

Colette Baron-Reid created this Goddess and draws inspiration from goddess of history and myth. Though this video does not depict Yuki-Onna in the same light as in this oracle deck, I think it is interesting to see a bit of Yuki-Onna's history. Please enjoy the below video.

The Spirit Animal Oracle: Dolphin Spirit

Dolphin Spirit reminds us of the duality of life and also the space between. Nothing in life is all good or all bad. Even in our most trying and difficult circumstances, there are blessings and silver linings to be found. When we are at our lowest point, it is then we are made strong. When we have nothing, we often see who our true friends are, who is there to help us, and who and how Spirit manifests blessings to us.

There are always lessons to be learned in life and Dolphin Spirit reminds us that nothing in life is so simple that it is all negative or all positive. By keeping your heart humble and open to Spirit, you will see the sun through the storms and know that no matter what comes your way, the sun will shine again.

Dolphin Music for Sleep, Relaxation and Stress Relief

Angels and Ancestors Oracle: Star Ancestor

Many Native American tribes have legends speaking of star people who are enlightened, light beings that visit humans on a regular basis imparting wisdom and knowledge. This card, Star Ancestor, reminds you that not only are you descended from stars and a bearer of light, you are not to walk your journey on this planet alone. You have a host of spiritual helpers who will guide you along your way, including your Star Ancestors who ask you to listen to the wisdom within your own soul and follow its guidance. 

You may learn a bit more about Star Ancestors and Native American legends that speak about them below.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Nuin Ash (Reversed)

Our message from the Celtic Tree Oracle is Nuin Ash reversed. The message is in line with the previous  cards as it speaks about non-action, restraint, and waiting patiently until it is time to reap the benefits of the things you have materialized. 

Nuin Ash encourages us to go within and connect with our higher selves for wisdom, knowledge, and


You have everything that you need within you. All you need to do is wait patiently and in love. The Universe is working on your half and with Nuin Ash on your side, you will make it through the obstacles and ultimately reach your goal.

You may watch a video that discusses the Ogham (ohm) alphabet below.

Witches' Kitchen Oracle: Apple

I find it lovely that Apple came through in our Witches' Kitchen as we move closer to Halloween (Samhain). Apples have enjoyed a long history and are often associated with things that are forbidden such as the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. However, apples aren't only associated with

Christianity. They are also associated with other myths and legends where apples represent love, fertility, health, and success. Apples are also associated with a happy marriage.
 Our message today celebrates all of the beautiful gifts that apples bring forward, especially during the month of October. 

Here is a wonderful video from Ginny Metheral discussing apple traditions and rituals, especially during the month of October.

You may learn more about apples' metaphysical properties here.

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