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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Working With God's Energy For The Highest Good of All

As an energy healer, I understand the importance of bringing in the white light of the Holy Spirit through the crown chakra and purifying my spirit, soul, mind, will, emotions, and physical body. I also know the importance of growing, clearing, and cleansing my chakras, down to the root that is connected to the red ruby crystal pulsating at the center of the earth...where we are connected to our great Mother Earth. What I want to speak about is working with God's energy for the highest good of all. 

You see, I also understand the importance of connecting to the God of our own understanding (It is not my place to tell you who God is to you, though I can tell you who God is to me), but just as it is important to purify our energy centers and extend our energy through our aura and energy field and into our atmosphere, so too WILL the HOLY SPIRIT fill our beings and our environment with DIVINE ENERGY. 

It is when we bring our energy into alignment with the energy of Spirit that the great merge happens and miracles abound.

We are NOT the creator. We are not the 'I Am that I Am'. We are in PARTNERSHIP with God. We are PARTNERS with the GREAT I AM and when we bring ourselves into alignment with God's will and plan for our lives, then we will walk in a glory unimaginable and see the manifestation of God's power in our lives. 

One reason I love this song is that it is a direct call for the HOLY SPIRIT to 'Fill This Place.' 

Just as with working with energy, whether on your own or as a healer, you bring the white light of Spirit in to purify, cleanse, restore, and then can push that energy out into your environment, God wants to bring DIVINE ENERGY into YOUR LIFE.

Not only does 'Fill This Place' refer to your location (whether it be in a church, temple or sanctuary, worship hall, auditorium, living room, bedroom, office, school room, or mountain top) 'Fill This Place' refers to YOUR INNER SPIRIT.

When we call on the Holy Spirit to Fill US, we are bringing in the white light of the Holy Spirit through our chakras (the seven major energy centers of the body), and then we are to WORK WITH SPIRIT'S ENERGY... 

Filling ourselves... then extending Spirit's energy through our auras and into our energy field (think about an arm's length extending out and away from your body) and into your environment.

Everywhere you walk, you are meant to take the power of the Holy Spirit with you. Everyone you meet, whom you interact with, whom you speak to, you are to be a living representative of the Holy Spirit.

Are we perfect? No. 
Do we fall short? Yes. 
Do we get up and fill ourselves again when our vessel is empty and start all over? Yes. 

One day at a time, one breath at a time, one step at a time; we are learning how to be representatives of the Holy Spirit and how to embody the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) and give them back to the world.

This song is my praise to the Holy Spirit and my prayer. You are Worthy. Come and Fill This Place. Please bless us and fill us with your presence so that we may work in partnership with YOU for the highest good of all.

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