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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Sunday, October 23, 2022, and today's oracle reading is from the Oracle of the Roses. this is a beautiful deck by Cheralyn Darcey and features 44 roses. Today's message is number 34 and the rose is the Madame Abel Chatenay. Our message is 'The Self' and you may see a picture of today's card to the right.

Spirit is asking us to examine our thought patterns, practices, behaviors, and beliefs. We cannot grow and expand if we are unwilling to look at ourselves through the careful lens of self-examination. 

We must strive to bring ourselves into alignment with Spirit and our higher selves by being honest and open with ourselves. If there are behaviors, habits, or negative thought patterns that are holding us back we must identify these and rectify them. 

You must be assured and confident that you are connected to Spirit and have the ability within yourself to solve problems and course-correct when you go astray. Spending time in meditation is often the key to those moments in life when one feels overburdened, stressed, and filled with anxiety. Instead, take time to stop, reflect, and spend time in meditation for it is often within that we find the answers to the outside problems we face. 

Have you been hard on yourself? Have you doubted your strength, your confidence, and your ability to problem solve, or do you feel that your best simply isn't good enough? You have everything that you need to accomplish your dreams, goals, and visions within you. You are your own superhero, but you must begin by having a healthy sense of self-esteem. Also, ensure that you are living your life in balance. 

As human beings, we live our lives according to various cycles and rhythms and sometimes these are out of balance. Meditation will help you find your balance once again and reconnect you with yourself, your mind, your higher self, and with Spirit. 

Do you believe that you have the answers within you to the problems you face? If you are still in doubt about your awesomeness, stop and think about previous times you have problem-solved and found solutions to situations on your own. This is no different. No matter what you are facing, you have the tools to solve the problem. 

Our beautiful Madame Abel Chatenay rose blooms bountiful and reminds us we too grow, blossom, and bloom like the rose.

You may watch a video of Cheralyn Darcey discussing the meaning of flowers, including roses below.  

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