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Friday, October 21, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 21, 2022

 Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Friday, October 21, 2022, and I am giving messages from Spirit using my oracle and tarot decks. Part of this reading will be on the blog and the other part will take place live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

If you have questions regarding one of plants, flowers, goddesses, or animal types in these readings, please use the Wikipedia app to the right of these blog posts and search for more information.

I am starting with eight oracle decks. They are as follows.

  • The Lover (24): The Oracle of the Roses
  • Gorse (13): The Flowers Oracle
  • Wait for Winter: Oracle of the Fairies
  • Yuki Onna (upright) (52): Goddess Power Oracle Deck
  • Dolphin Spirit (20): Spirit Animal Oracle
  • Star Ancestor: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
  • Nuin Ash (reversed) (5): Celtic Tree Oracle
  • Apple: The Witches' Kitchen

Oracle of the Roses: The Lover

Our message from the Oracle of the Roses is the Lover. This rose is called the Bourbon Rose and it is an Old Garden Rose. The Bourbon Rose speaks about passion and this rose is certainly a beautiful specimen to behold. Ask yourself today: 'What is it that I love?' 'What is it I am passionate about?' We are emotional creatures and our lives would be void and meaningless without love or even the ability to pursue our passions and dreams.
When the Lover card appears it may refer to one of the many ways that love flows in our lives. Sometimes the Lovers (whether in this oracle deck or in tarot) can refer to sexuality and romantic love. Sometimes it refers to our own self-love and views of self-esteem and self-worth. What are your own personal values and morals? The Lovers asks you to examine your core beliefs and live a life that is honorable and in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all. The Lover card also asks us to keep our passions in perspective and balance. Your relationship with Spirit always takes priority and your primary and number one love should be with Spirit or the God of your own understanding.

Next, you want to live a life that is in balance and in alignment, that shows the love you have for others, the world, and the environment (animals, plants, Mother Earth), and next you want to show yourself a healthy sense of love. Some may say that your love for Spirit and love for yourself walk hand-in-hand and is actually the first on the list because if you can't love yourself, you won't show love to your neighbors and your environment. It is by cultivating a loving relationship with Spirit (the God of your own understanding) that you will learn how to truly love yourself and love others as well.

Flowers Oracle: Gorse

Gorse is a powerful plant that can withstand the elements of winter. It is more common in Europe than in the United States but offers many invaluable lessons to those seeking spiritual wisdom from plants, animals, and nature (Mother Earth). The number for this card is 13, so keep that in mind today as often these readings work with the numerology listed on each card.  This oracle deck works with Dr. Bach's flower remedies and Gorse is a remedy for those who are in despair. 

By Rosser1954 -Roger Griffith, Public Domain
The beautiful yellow depicted in Gorse elicits feelings of hope in times of uncertainty. Gorse speaks to us about the steadfastness of faith and knowing that when we are walking with Spirit and aligned with our higher selves, there is nothing that can stop us. There is no trial, tribulation, or obstacle that we will not overcome. As a psychic medium, I attest the Spirit lives on and our journeys on this plane do not cease when our physical bodies stop working. Our Spirit journey continues and our loved ones who have crossed the plane may still interact with us and send messages. Knowing that our lives our eternal and death is a weak opponent, we should live our lives with the assurance that there is nothing that can come our way that can ever truly defeat us. Our spirits are unstoppable and grow from one trial and tribulation to the next. Lest not your heart be troubled...simply believe.
CC BY-SA 3.0

You may find lessons and wisdom the Gorse plant offers humankind at the Goddess Tree.

Oracle of the Fairies: Wait for Winter

Our fairies came through with a message about waiting for winter. As Gorse reminds us to be hopeful in times of uncertainty, our Fairy Queen of Winter has stepped in to tell us that we are going to see a spiritual breakthrough in winter. It is currently autumn in the northern hemisphere with the first day of winter beginning on December 21, 2022, or in 61 days. 

Regardless of where you are located right now,
this message lets us know that within approximately two months' time, there is going to be a spiritual breakthrough and to stand in faith, hope, and remain steadfast. 
Have you set your intentions? Have you set goals? Have you continued working towards your goals or have you become disillusioned, lazy, or simply forgotten about the wonderful things you planned to work on? Two months is a lot of time to revolutionize your life. Why not refocus, restrategize, and get those dreams, goals, and visions back on board. It's never too late to pick up and start over again, no matter how far you fear you have fallen.

You have 61 days! What miracles can you and Spirit manifest in 61 days? Make sure the things you manifest are for the highest good of all and under Spirit's divine plan of love. Take action now. Remove any spiritual (or physical) blocks that have stopped you from reaching your goal. Strategize, get focused, and work on your plan. Together, you and Spirit can co-create miracles!

Goddess Power Oracle: Yuki-Onna (Upright)

Our message from the Goddess Power Oracle Deck is Yuki-Onna. The card and goddess represent stillness and there is a theme being depicted in today's reading that speaks about winter, stillness, preparation, and waiting for the return of those things you are manifesting. Yuki-Onna is the Japanese goddess of winter. Yuki-Onna is similar to the High Priestess card  in the tarot deck. This card speaks of

non-action and encourages you to stand still as you wait for your intentions to bring forth your manifestations. Today's reading has repeatedly spoke about our manifestations coming to pass during winter. No matter where you are reading this from, the messages from Spirit indicate that we can expect our manifestations to materialize in approximately 61 days.

Colette Baron-Reid created this Goddess and draws inspiration from goddess of history and myth. Though this video does not depict Yuki-Onna in the same light as in this oracle deck, I think it is interesting to see a bit of Yuki-Onna's history. Please enjoy the below video.

The Spirit Animal Oracle: Dolphin Spirit

Dolphin Spirit reminds us of the duality of life and also the space between. Nothing in life is all good or all bad. Even in our most trying and difficult circumstances, there are blessings and silver linings to be found. When we are at our lowest point, it is then we are made strong. When we have nothing, we often see who our true friends are, who is there to help us, and who and how Spirit manifests blessings to us.

There are always lessons to be learned in life and Dolphin Spirit reminds us that nothing in life is so simple that it is all negative or all positive. By keeping your heart humble and open to Spirit, you will see the sun through the storms and know that no matter what comes your way, the sun will shine again.

Dolphin Music for Sleep, Relaxation and Stress Relief

Angels and Ancestors Oracle: Star Ancestor

Many Native American tribes have legends speaking of star people who are enlightened, light beings that visit humans on a regular basis imparting wisdom and knowledge. This card, Star Ancestor, reminds you that not only are you descended from stars and a bearer of light, you are not to walk your journey on this planet alone. You have a host of spiritual helpers who will guide you along your way, including your Star Ancestors who ask you to listen to the wisdom within your own soul and follow its guidance. 

You may learn a bit more about Star Ancestors and Native American legends that speak about them below.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Nuin Ash (Reversed)

Our message from the Celtic Tree Oracle is Nuin Ash reversed. The message is in line with the previous  cards as it speaks about non-action, restraint, and waiting patiently until it is time to reap the benefits of the things you have materialized. 

Nuin Ash encourages us to go within and connect with our higher selves for wisdom, knowledge, and


You have everything that you need within you. All you need to do is wait patiently and in love. The Universe is working on your half and with Nuin Ash on your side, you will make it through the obstacles and ultimately reach your goal.

You may watch a video that discusses the Ogham (ohm) alphabet below.

Witches' Kitchen Oracle: Apple

I find it lovely that Apple came through in our Witches' Kitchen as we move closer to Halloween (Samhain). Apples have enjoyed a long history and are often associated with things that are forbidden such as the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. However, apples aren't only associated with

Christianity. They are also associated with other myths and legends where apples represent love, fertility, health, and success. Apples are also associated with a happy marriage.
 Our message today celebrates all of the beautiful gifts that apples bring forward, especially during the month of October. 

Here is a wonderful video from Ginny Metheral discussing apple traditions and rituals, especially during the month of October.

You may learn more about apples' metaphysical properties here.

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