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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 22, 2022

 Hi and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Saturday, October 22, 2022, and I will give messages from Spirit using multiple oracle decks.  Here is a photo of today's reading and a breakdown of each oracle deck and the card drawn. Several cards in today's reading are reversed. This means that Spirit has either an alignment task for us or is offering a protection message.

Here are today's cards drawn for our Fractal Flowers oracle reading. 

  • The Mother (17): The Oracle of the Roses
  • Water Violet (34): The Flowers Oracle
  • Magical Gateway: Oracle of the Fairies
  • Aine (reversed) (1): Goddess Power Oracle Deck
  • Brown Bear Spirit (reversed) (9): Spirit Animal Oracle
  • Druid: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
  •  Straif Blackthorn (reversed) (14): Celtic Tree Oracle
  • Sage: The Witches' Kitchen

Oracle of the Roses: The Mother

Today we are reminded of the goddesses that emphasize what it means to be a mother, nurturer, healer, and full of compassion. These goddesses included Gaia, Rhea, Demeter, Isis and Terra Mater. Our rose today is the Old Blush Rose, and it reminds us not to turn away from our roots and see if there are any connections that need repair. You are encouraged to mother yourself during this time and if you have unhealed hurts from your past, take the time to revisit these. Release forgiveness if needed and then compassion. You may be asked to strengthen or heal relationships with those who have played the mother-role in your life. The mother embodies strength, grace, wisdom, patience and compassion. Exhibit these traits with others as well as with yourself.

The Mother card also asks us to reflect upon unconditional love and how we define it. As mother, we show unconditional love to our children and there are many wounded people who continue to suffer through life because their own parents withheld unconditional love from them. 

Spirit wants us to walk in love as this is our highest calling in life. First, we must show love to Spirit, to others, for the planet, plant and animal kingdom, and to ourselves. Ask yourself what unconditional love means to you and examine your behaviors. Are you an example of unconditional love for others? Are you an example of unconditional love for yourself?

Cybele: The Phrygian Goddess, The Mother of all Gods

The Flowers Oracle: Water Violet

Water Violet is Dr. Bach's flower remedy for those who have become a bit isolated and separate from others. This may be for a number of reasons but for today's reading and the previous "Mother" card, it appears Spirit is speaking about those who may have unhealed hurts from the past and as a result erected walls to keep others from getting to close. Water Violet speaks of the need to lower the walls, open your heart, and let others in. 

Many of these people prefer their company to others and seemingly do very well by being alone. They are self-reliant, confident, and are perfectly content without opening up their lives to others, but this isn't what Spirit has planned for them. If you are in this situation yet still feel pangs of loneliness, Spirit wants you to know that you are never truly alone. By examining your heart and healing any past hurts, you can lower your guard and find your way to truly opening your heart to those whom you wish to have a deeper relationship with. Not only this, but you will find that your love for humanity will increase and you can enjoy a deeper relationship with Spirit, a more grounded connection to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, and find a new connection with other people. 

Dr. Bach Flower Remedy: Water Violet

Oracle of the Fairies: Magical Gateway

The oracle of the fairies speaks to those who have been teetering on the idea that fairies are real. The message is to walk through the magical gateway that leads to the realm of the fae. In many areas of life seeing is believing, but when it comes to entering the magical gateway of the fae realm, you must believe before you can see.

 Fairies are an angelic realm that comprises guardians of the Earth. As you begin to see and work with fairies, you will become more ecologically minded. You will find your connection to Mother Earth is greater and you'll view the world in a different way. It isn't uncommon for people to become vegan or vegetarian after they begin working with the fairy realm. 

The key to walking through the magical gateway to the fairy realm is found in your heart. Do you believe that fairies are real?

Today, the fairies ask you to open your heart by unlocking the door and taking a step of faith through the door to the realm of fae.

Simply step outside and spend a few moments in quiet meditation with nature. Ask the fairies to show themselves to you. 

Fairy Whisperers Claim to Be Able to See Fairies

Goddess Power Oracle Deck: Aine (reversed)

In the Goddess Power Oracle Deck, the Irish goddess Aine comes through with a message about change and adaptability. Known as Queen of the Fairies, Aine could easily shift through any realm. She was also known for the duality of her personality where she was full of love, healing, and all things bright and warm, yet when crossed, could bring wrath and a curse. One of Ireland's most beloved goddesses, Aine's message today is for those who fear change and are scared to move with life's changing rhythms.

 There have been many important changes facing humanity since the start of the 2019 COVID pandemic and many are afraid of what life has to bring. Aine's message is that in order to face life's challenges, you must be fully present and willing to adapt to whatever comes your way. Do not fear the unknown, do not fear the future, and do not fear the changes that face you. You are strong, victorious, and an overcomer. There is no situation, sickness, rumors of war, or even war that can keep you from your destiny. Stand strong and stand in courage. Know that when these things arise in your life, there is no use in trying to fight them. You can change with them, but they do not have to change who you are. Keep your heart of love and light pure and you will find that there is nothing that can overshadow you and plunge you into darkness. 

Spirit Animal Oracle Deck: Brown Bear Spirit (reversed)

Brown Bear Spirit reminds you that there is a time to wait and a time to rest. Because this card is reversed, Spirit is saying that you are rushing or working yourself too hard. This may be physically at your job, or it could be something that you are pursuing. Whatever it is, you are trying to resolve a situation or achieve a desired outcome and you are pushing yourself too hard trying to make something happen. Instead, it is time to take a rest or pause and go within. If you are working too hard, then Spirit is saying to take a break. If you are trying to resolve a situation with no luck, then Spirit says withdraw, meditate, go within, and look at the situation from a different point of view.

Regardless of your exact situation or circumstance, Brown Bear Spirit says to step back and take a break. You do not need to manifest the answer. You just need to go within and open your eyes. The answer will appear at the perfect time.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck: Druid

Druid comes in to let you know that now is not the time to make any sudden moves or changes. It is best to take your time and stand still. Hold your ground and hold space. Don't let fear of the unknown cause anxiety or make you feel as though you must make a rash decision. In fact, the opposite is true. Spirit is bringing through multiple messages in today's readings suggesting it is best to stay where you are and just wait. Trust that Spirit is working everything out for your best interest and by waiting and trusting, you will soon see things in a different way.

Remember, this is not the time to make any sudden changes.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Straif Blackthorn (reversed)

Many times when we run into problems or difficulties, it is easy to point the finger at others and cast blame. We can then develop a habit of never taking accountability or responsibility for our own actions and falling into patterns of negativity that only make the problem worse. Life is full of challenges and we are all on a journey of growth. Everyone makes mistakes and when someone makes a mistake (whether you or someone else), it's imperative to offer forgiveness. Learn from the mistake, release love and healing, and move forward. 

You may need to hold yourself accountable for a negative situation you are currently finding yourself in. Spirit is saying that now is not the time to make sudden moves to 'fix things.' Make yourself accountable for your part in the situation. Only by owning your mistakes and being accountable for your actions can you truly learn from your behavior and grow. Stand strong and firm and you find that being accountable is the path to true growth. 

Witches' Kitchen: Sage

Shrubby sage, sacred space
I'll purify and cleanse your place
Vibrations raised, no longer stuck
assist, I shall, to bring you luck.
This magic is worked with harm to none
So mote it be. There it is done
 - from the Witches' Kitchen

Sage is all about protection and purification. You may have let too much negative energy into your space and Spirit is saying it's time to clean house. Grab your sage, incense, or sticks and do your purification rituals. You may also use sage sprays if you suffer from allergies or asthma and prefer not to have smoke wafting in the air.

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