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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Celestial Frequencies: Music Piece by Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn

Please enjoy this meditative music that I wrote and played. It is called Celestial Frequencies and I wrote this piece for relaxation, meditation, and to reduce stress. I hope you enjoy it. If so, would you please leave a comment or send me a message at readthetarot@gmail.com? I would love to hear your feedback. I often write and play spontaneous meditative music as it helps me elevate my vibrations and frequency, especially before psychic medium work. 
© Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn

I've found that music is an integral component of entering what I call the "trance state". It is in this frame of mind that communicating with the Spirit realm becomes effortless. I don't always play live music during my YouTube streams, but I do always play spiritual, and uplifting music (that I have the rights to) during my streams. If I am not playing my own music, I am playing other music that I find helps me enter the "trance state" easily and efficiently. 


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