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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Reading: October 20, 2022

 Hello! It's October 20, 2022, and I have pulled our oracle and tarot reading for the day. Here are the eight oracle cards that I drew. They are as follows.

  1. The Artist: The Oracle of the Roses
  2. Vine: The Flowers Oracle
  3. Abundance: Oracle of the Fairies
  4. Demeter Reversed: Goddess Power Oracle Deck
  5. Frog Spirit:  Spirit Animal Oracle 
  6. Knight: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck
  7. Uilleand Honeysuckle: Celtic Tree Oracle
  8. Chamomile: The Witches' Kitchen

You may see the cards in the photo below. Please take a second to look at the cards and see if they speak to you. What are your first impressions? What is Spirit conveying to you through the images? Please jot down any thoughts, ideas, or inspirations in your spiritual journals.

Oracle of the Roses: The Artist

The Artist card features the full-bodied Rubens Rose, named after the artist Peter Paul Rubens. This card is all about creative pursuits and inspiration. It asks you to tap into your creativity and connect with Spirit in this manner. Be your own, unique and creative self. During this period, let your intuition guide you and lead the way. Do not follow what others are doing. Be your own muse. The Rubens Rose is named so because Peter Paul Rubens painted full-bodied women in the nude, much like the soft-bodied rose. Here is Peter Paul Rubens' painting 'The Three Graces.'

By Peter Paul Rubens - Museao del Prado[1], Public Domain


Flowers Oracle: Vine 

The card Vine features a mother walking with a little child by her side. The message speaks about service as well as the responsibility that comes with leadership positions. You can sum up Vine's message with this phrase: Lead with motivation, not domination. Leadership is a position of power and it is a wise person who chooses to lead with positive reinforcement and inspiring creativity, passion, focus, drive, and determination in others. This is the right way to inspire others as opposed to using power, force, and domination to manipulate and control.

The Oracle of the Fairies: Abundance

Spirit has been giving us messages of abundance for over a month now. I certainly appreciate them, especially with a dismal financial forecast for 2023.  In this message, the fairies are telling us to prepare ourselves for incoming abundance. It's also important to understand the power of manifestation and to set our intentions in order for abundance to come.

It's important not to limit the way that Spirit blesses us with abundance. Many times, people only think about money when they see the word abundance. Spirit may choose to bless you with abundance in a variety of ways: health, spiritual knowledge, pregnancy, growing your family, and even adding new pets to your family could all be part of an abundance blessing.

Before you can receive abundance, you must believe that you are worthy to receive it. 

Goddess Power Oracle: Demeter Reversed

There are different reasons why people get into co-dependent or manipulative situations. Spirit is using this card to say that you are involved in a situation with people who are not good for you. They may be psychic vampires, draining your energy, or crossing over your boundaries. It is important that you set healthy boundaries in your life and limit people who have a negative impact on your energy. Demeter says that it is time to set boundaries and ensure that you only surround yourself with healthy, positive relationships.

Don't be afraid to say no to toxic people.

Spirit Animal Oracle: Frog Spirit

Frog spirit tells us that it is time to declutter and make space for the things that we need to keep in our lives. Sometimes we overextend ourselves and may have people, objects, and commitments that need to be removed in order for us to stay focused and complete our tasks in a timely manner. By making sure that our homes and lives are clear of clutter and confusion, we make room for the things that promote our spiritual and physical growth. 

Angels and Ancestors: Knight

The knight tells us to be brave, full of integrity, and stand up for what we believe in. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Never be afraid to make choices that may be at odds with popular opinion, when you know they are in alignment with your morals, values, and Spirit's call on your life.

The Knight is a fierce and brave warrior and you are called to be fierce and brave as well.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Uilleand Honeysuckle

This card represents the search for hidden knowledge and wisdom that one obtains from going within. The flowering honeysuckle vine tells us that we must be true to Spirit and true to ourselves and as we continue our journey through life, it is paramount we turn away from things that are false and dark. We must always walk in the light and sometimes when the light is hard to see, we need to go within and find the spark that illuminates our paths. Meditation is key to going within, hearing Spirit, and finding your way out of the darkness and back into the light.

Witches' Kitchen Oracle: Chamomile

Chamomile speaks to us about peace and relaxation. Like our earlier message in Vine, Chamomile tells us to loosen up. Many people are living fast-paced lives and turn to chemical stimulants for energy. Chamomile says it is time to loosen up and relax. Maybe you have been working too hard, or have been leading others in a very controlled manner. Maybe you are dealing with anxiety issues. Chamomile is a nature relaxer, but make certain to speak to your health care provider before using any flower or herb to treat your ailments. 

Chamomile is readily available in the form of tea and has been used since ancient Egypt where it was associated with the sun God Ra. Chamomile is one of the nine sacred herbs of the Saxons and is listed in the Nine Herbs Charm.

You may see a video about making flower essences (such as the Bach Flower Essences that are depicted in the Flowers Oracle deck) from the Florida School of Holistic Living below.

I hope this oracle reading blessed you. Now I am going to give a free, five-card tarot reading for the day. This is a message from Spirit for the collective and it includes the following spread: Situation, Challenges, Solution, Advice, and Outcome. 

I will use my Flower Fairies tarot deck for this reading.

Messages From Spirit: Live Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, and Oracle Readings

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