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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The Power of Empathy: Why Telling People to 'Calm Down" Isn't Always Helpful'

In moments of stress or heightened emotions, it is common for people to be told to "calm down." While the intention behind this phrase may be well-meaning, it is essential to recognize that telling someone to calm down is not always the most effective or empathetic response. In this article, we will explore why offering support, understanding, and validation can be more beneficial in helping individuals navigate their emotions.

Fractal Flowers Art by Charisse Van Horn

1. Invalidating Feelings

When we tell someone to calm down, we unintentionally invalidate their emotions. Each person's experience and perception of a situation are unique, and their feelings are valid. Dismissing their emotions by telling them to calm down can make them feel unheard and misunderstood, potentially exacerbating their distress. It's important to let people know that their feelings are valid, whatever they may be. It's also important that the people in your life understand that you recognize their emotions. It isn't the emotion or the feeling that is problematic, but what we do with those feelings and how we handle them that's important. 

2. Heightened Emotional Response

Telling someone to calm down can often have the opposite effect, leading to an even more heightened emotional response. It may trigger defensiveness or frustration, as the person may feel their emotions are being disregarded or belittled. This can escalate the situation and hinder effective communication.

Fractal Flowers Art by Charisse Van Horn

3. Lack of Empathy:

Empathy plays a crucial role in building meaningful connections and fostering understanding. Instead of telling someone to calm down, it is more helpful to actively listen and acknowledge their feelings. Demonstrating empathy shows that you genuinely care about their well-being and are willing to support them through their emotional journey.

4. Alternative Approaches:

Rather than resorting to the phrase "calm down," consider alternative approaches that promote empathy and understanding:

a. Active Listening: Give the person your full attention, maintain eye contact, and listen attentively. Reflect back on what they are saying to show that you understand and acknowledge their emotions.

b. Validate Their Feelings: Let the person know that their emotions are valid and understandable given the circumstances. Use phrases like, "I can see why you would feel that way," or "It's understandable that you're upset."

c. Offer Support: Ask the person how you can help or what they need from you. Sometimes, all someone needs is a listening ear or a comforting presence.

d. Suggest Coping Strategies: If appropriate, offer suggestions for healthy coping mechanisms that may help them manage their emotions effectively. Encourage self-care activities such as deep breathing exercises, journaling, or engaging in hobbies they enjoy.


While it may be tempting to tell someone to calm down in moments of heightened emotions, it is essential to recognize the potential negative impact of this response. Instead, practicing empathy, active listening, and validation can create a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and find support. By fostering understanding and connection, we can help others navigate their emotions in a healthier and more productive way.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Ten Fractal Tarot Spreads

These tarot spreads highlight the beauty of fractals rather than fractal flowers (you may find ten fractal flower tarot spreads here). The tarot spreads below highlight areas in your life that may be repeating or blocking you from reaching your full potential.

Why a Fractal Tarot Spread is Beneficial

Tarot spreads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique benefits and insights. One such spread that has gained popularity among tarot enthusiasts is the Fractal Tarot Spread. This intricate and visually captivating spread offers several advantages that can enhance your tarot practice. Here are a few reasons why a Fractal Tarot Spread is beneficial.

1. Deeper Exploration

The Fractal Tarot Spread allows for a deeper exploration of the cards and their meanings. The fractal pattern, with its repeating and self-similar shapes, encourages you to delve into the layers of symbolism within each card. As you move from the central card to the outer cards, you can uncover hidden connections and uncover new insights that may have otherwise been overlooked. This spread prompts you to go beyond surface-level interpretations and encourages a more profound understanding of the messages the cards hold.

2. Enhanced Intuition

 The intricate and visually stimulating nature of the Fractal Tarot Spread stimulates your intuition and creativity. As you navigate the complex patterns and relationships between the cards, you are prompted to trust your instincts and tap into your inner wisdom. This spread invites you to rely less on traditional interpretations and more on your intuitive insights, allowing for a more personal and authentic reading experience.

3. Comprehensive Perspective:

 The Fractal Tarot Spread offers a comprehensive perspective on the topic at hand. With its multiple layers and interconnectedness, this spread allows you to explore various aspects and influences related to your question or situation. The central card represents the core theme, while the surrounding cards provide additional insights and nuances. This holistic approach ensures that you consider all angles and factors, providing a well-rounded understanding of the issue you're seeking guidance on.

4. Engaging and Interactive

 The intricate design of the Fractal Tarot Spread makes it an engaging and interactive tool for tarot readings. The process of laying out the cards and tracing the patterns can be a meditative and immersive experience. It adds an element of excitement and curiosity to your readings, making them more enjoyable and memorable.

In conclusion, the Fractal Tarot Spread offers several benefits that can enhance your tarot practice. Its ability to facilitate deeper exploration, enhance intuition, provide a comprehensive perspective, and engage you in an interactive experience makes it a valuable tool for tarot enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned reader or a beginner, incorporating the Fractal Tarot Spread into your practice can bring a new level of depth and insight to your readings. Embrace the beauty and complexity of this spread and allow it to unlock the hidden wisdom of the cards.

1. The Infinite Spiral Spread

- Card 1: The center - What is the core essence or energy of the situation?
- Card 2: The first loop - What is the initial step or action to take in this situation?
- Card 3: The second loop - What challenges or obstacles may arise on your path?
- Card 4: The third loop - What opportunities or blessings can be found along the way?
- Card 5: The outer loop - What is the potential outcome or resolution of this situation?

2. The Fractal Reflection Spread

- Card 1: The seed - What is the underlying cause or foundation of this situation?
- Card 2: The first iteration - What is the current state or progress of this situation?
- Card 3: The second iteration - What external influences or energies are impacting this situation?
- Card 4: The third iteration - What lessons or growth can be gained from this situation?
- Card 5: The final iteration - What is the ultimate outcome or transformation of this situation?

3. The Mandelbrot Connection Spread

- Card 1: The main branch - What is the central theme or focus of your life right now?
- Card 2: The fractal branches - What areas or aspects of your life are interconnected?
- Card 3: The intersections - What connections or relationships are important for your growth?
- Card 4: The expansion - What opportunities or potentials are opening up for you?
- Card 5: The unity - How can you integrate all these aspects for greater harmony?

4. The Sierpinski Triangle Spread

- Card 1: The first triangle - What is the foundation or stability of your current situation?
- Card 2: The second triangle - What challenges or obstacles may arise in this situation?
- Card 3: The third triangle - What opportunities or blessings can be found in this situation?
- Card 4: The center - What is the core essence or truth of your being in this situation?
- Card 5: The unity - How can you bring all these aspects together for a harmonious resolution?

5. The Koch Curve Spread

- Card 1: The starting point - What is the initial step or action to take in this situation?
- Card 2: The first iteration - What challenges or obstacles may arise on your path?
- Card 3: The second iteration - What opportunities or growth can be found along the way?
- Card 4: The third iteration - What transformations or changes are needed in this situation?
- Card 5: The final curve - What is the potential outcome or manifestation of your efforts?

6. The Dragon Curve Spread

- Card 1: The beginning of the curve - What is the origin or source of this situation?
- Card 2: The twists and turns - What challenges or complexities may arise in this situation?
- Card 3: The scales - What resources or strengths can be utilized in this situation?
- Card 4: The wings - What opportunities or potentials can be found in this situation?
- Card 5: The dragon's breath - What is the ultimate power or potential outcome of this situation?

7. The Julia Set Spread

- Card 1: The seed point - What is the core desire or intention behind this situation?
- Card 2: The iterations - What patterns or cycles are present in this situation?
- Card 3: The boundaries - What limitations or restrictions may need to be considered?
- Card 4: The fractal beauty - What unique or unexpected aspects can be found in this situation?
- Card 5: The infinite possibilities - What potentials or outcomes can be explored in this situation?

8. The Barnsley Fern Spread

- Card 1: The seed - What is the initial inspiration or idea behind this situation?
- Card 2: The growth - What is developing or evolving in this situation?
- Card 3: The environment - What external influences or factors are affecting this situation?
- Card 4: The beauty - What unique or aesthetic qualities can be found in this situation?
- Card 5: The flourishing fern - What is the potential outcome or fulfillment of this situation?

9. The Fractal Harmony Spread

- Card 1: The fractal elements - What aspects or energies are currently in harmony?
- Card 2: The dissonance - What areas or aspects are out of balance or in conflict?
- Card 3: The integration - How can you bring these elements into greater harmony?
- Card 4: The expansion - What opportunities or growth can arise from this harmony?
- Card 5: The unified fractal - What is the ultimate state of harmony or balance to strive for?

10. The Chaos Game Spread

- Card 1: The random point - What unexpected or unpredictable factors are influencing this situation?
- Card 2: The attractors - What stable or consistent elements can be found in this situation?
- Card 3: The iterations - What patterns or cycles are emerging in this situation?
- Card 4: The convergence - What is the potential resolution or outcome of this chaotic situation?
- Card 5: The order within chaos - How can you find clarity or create order amidst the chaos?

You Have the Power to Manifest Miracles Through Faith

Today's message is very exciting and it speaks to the power that you have to create the future you desire. 

The first card is Bloom Like a Badass and it speaks to the power you have to reach your full potential. Our lives are a journey that we walk in different stages. It is your time to grow in wisdom to reach your full potential. As you bloom you are in your full essence and are at the best time in life to manifest your desires, goals, dreams, and visions.

Card 1: Bloom Like a Badass

Card 2: Expect a Miracle

The next card tells you to expect a miracle, and it speaks about the importance of faith. Faith is not as complicated as some might think. For example, it is said to have faith in the unknown, but we also have many factual reasons to have faith. If you want to bake a cake, you have a recipe that if you follow correctly will produce the cake you want. You know through facts, logic, and time-tested proof that if you collect the right ingredients, follow the plan, and set it on the right temperature, all you have to do is wait and you'll get the results you intended.

When you work on your spiritual and emotional growth, and set your intentions to manifest good things that are for the highest good of all, you can rest assured that miracles will happen. The Universe will open doors for you. This doesn't mean that you can sit back and just wait for the universe to hand you your dreams on a silver platter.

Expect a miracle, but also prepare to work for what you want. Anything worth achieving is worth working hard for.

Card 3: Manifest Your Magic

Manifesting your magic involves the steps you take to ensure you reach your goals. Through intention and goal setting and with hard work, you'll see that each day is one step closer to the manifestation of your goals.

You have the power to manifest miracles through faith!

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Ten Fractal Flowers Tarot Spreads

Tarot card readings have long been used as a tool for self-reflection, guidance, and gaining insight into various aspects of life. With countless tarot spreads available, each offering a unique perspective, these Fractal Flowers' tarot spreads stand out as a captivating and powerful option. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using this particular spread in your tarot practice.

1. Visual Beauty: Fractal Flowers' tarot spreads are visually stunning, resembling the intricate patterns found in nature. Each spread consists of a central card representing the core theme or question, surrounded by a series of cards arranged in a flower-like pattern. The aesthetic appeal of each spread adds an extra layer of enchantment to your tarot experience, making it a joy to work with.

2. Holistic Perspective: The flower-like arrangement of cards in the Fractal Flowers Tarot Spread allows for a holistic perspective on the topic at hand. Each card represents a different aspect or angle related to the central theme, providing a comprehensive view of the situation. This spread encourages you to explore various dimensions and influences, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the issue you're seeking guidance on.

3. Symbolic Significance: Fractals are intricate patterns that repeat themselves at different scales, reflecting the interconnectedness and harmony in the universe. By incorporating fractal imagery into the tarot spread, the Fractal Flowers Spread taps into this symbolism. It reminds us that everything is interconnected, and the cards we draw are not isolated events but part of a larger tapestry. This awareness can bring a sense of unity and meaning to your readings.

4. Creative Interpretation: The unique structure of the Fractal Flowers Tarot Spread encourages creative interpretation and storytelling. As you explore the relationship between the central card and the surrounding cards, you can weave a narrative that unveils the deeper layers of meaning. This spread invites you to trust your intuition and explore the connections between the cards, fostering a more personal and insightful reading experience.

In conclusion, each Fractal Flowers Tarot Spread offers a visually captivating, holistic, and symbolically significant approach to tarot readings. Its unique structure and aesthetic beauty make it a delightful and powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance. Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or a beginner, incorporating this spread into your practice can enhance your connection with the cards and deepen your understanding of the messages they hold. Give the Fractal Flowers Tarot Spread a try, and let the magic of its design unfold in your readings.

You may see ten different Fractal Flowers' tarot spreads below.

1. The Blooming Petals Spread

- Card 1: The seed - What is the core essence or potential of the situation?
- Card 2: The stem - What supports and nurtures the growth of this situation?
- Card 3: The leaves - What are the external influences or factors affecting this situation?
- Card 4: The bud - What is developing or emerging in this situation?
- Card 5: The blossoming flower - What is the outcome or potential fulfillment of this situation?

2. The Rooted Growth Spread

- Card 1: The roots - What are the underlying causes or foundations of this situation?
- Card 2: The stem - What is the current state or progress of this situation?
- Card 3: The leaves - What are the external influences or energies impacting this situation?
- Card 4: The petals - What are the potential opportunities or blessings in this situation?
- Card 5: The flower - What is the ultimate growth or potential outcome of this situation?

3. The Nurturing Garden Spread

- Card 1: The soil - What are the foundational aspects or beliefs in this situation?
- Card 2: The water - What emotions or intuitive guidance is present in this situation?
- Card 3: The sunlight - What external influences or support is available in this situation?
- Card 4: The nutrients - What resources or strengths can be utilized in this situation?
- Card 5: The growth - What is the potential growth or development of this situation?

4. The Pollination Spread

- Card 1: The flower - What is the current state or focus of your energy?
- Card 2: The bee - What opportunities or inspirations are buzzing around you?
- Card 3: The nectar - What brings you joy and fulfillment in your life?
- Card 4: The pollination - What connections or interactions are important for your growth?
- Card 5: The fruit - What is the potential outcome or manifestation of your efforts?

5. The Harmonious Blossom Spread

- Card 1: The stem - What is the foundation or stability of your current situation?
- Card 2: The petals - What brings beauty and joy into your life?
- Card 3: The fragrance - What qualities or energies do you emit to others?
- Card 4: The center - What is the core essence or truth of your being?
- Card 5: The harmony - How can you align your actions and intentions for greater balance?

6. The Sacred Geometry Spread

- Card 1: The circle - What cycles or patterns are present in your life?
- Card 2: The spiral - What areas of growth or evolution are you experiencing?
- Card 3: The fractal - What aspects of your life are interconnected or repeating?
- Card 4: The symmetry - What areas of your life are in balance or need balancing?
- Card 5: The expansion - What opportunities or potentials are opening up for you?

7. The Petal Path Spread

- Card 1: The first petal - What is the initial step or action to take in this situation?
- Card 2: The second petal - What challenges or obstacles may arise on your path?
- Card 3: The third petal - What opportunities or blessings can be found along the way?
- Card 4: The fourth petal - What lessons or growth can be gained from this journey?
- Card 5: The center - What is the ultimate destination or outcome of this path?

8. The Infinite Blossom Spread

- Card 1: The first petal - What is the beginning or origin of this situation?
- Card 2: The second petal - What is the current state or progress of this situation?
- Card 3: The third petal - What challenges or obstacles may arise in this situation?
- Card 4: The fourth petal - What opportunities or blessings can be found in this situation?
- Card 5: The center - What is the potential outcome or resolution of this situation?

9. The Sacred Union Spread

- Card 1: The masculine energy - What active or assertive qualities are needed in this situation?
- Card 2: The feminine energy - What receptive or intuitive qualities are needed in this situation?
- Card 3: The union - How can these energies be balanced or integrated for harmony?
- Card 4: The growth - What potentials or opportunities can arise from this union?
- Card 5: The transformation - What is the potential outcome or evolution of this union?

10. The Fractal Reflection Spread

- Card 1: The inner reflection - What is the current state or reflection of your inner self?
- Card 2: The outer reflection - What is the current state or reflection of your outer world?
- Card 3: The alignment - How can you align your inner and outer reflections for harmony?
- Card 4: The expansion - What potentials or growth can be achieved through this alignment?
- Card 5: The integration - What is the ultimate outcome or integration of your inner and outer reflections?

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Nature's Fractal Flowers: A Symphony of Mathematical Beauty (Photo Slideshow)

 In the realm of nature's breathtaking wonders, few creations captivate the human eye quite like the intricate and mesmerizing patterns found in flowers. From the delicate petals of a rose to the vibrant blooms of a sunflower, these botanical marvels exhibit a hidden mathematical secret known as fractals. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of nature's fractal flowers and unravel the mathematical beauty that lies within.

Embed from Getty Images

Understanding Fractals

Fractals are complex geometric patterns that repeat infinitely at different scales, exhibiting self-similarity. In simpler terms, they are shapes that contain smaller versions of themselves, regardless of how much you zoom in or out. This concept was first introduced by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970s, revolutionizing our understanding of the natural world. 

The Fibonacci Sequence

One of the most famous examples of fractals in nature can be found in the arrangement of petals on flowers. Many flowers adhere to the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on). This sequence often determines the number of petals in a flower, such as the iconic sunflower with its spiraling pattern of 55 or 89 petals.

The Golden Ratio

The Fibonacci sequence is closely linked to another mathematical concept known as the golden ratio, denoted by the Greek letter phi (Φ). This ratio, approximately 1.618, is considered aesthetically pleasing to the human eye and is frequently observed in the proportions of flowers. For instance, the ratio between the lengths of different sections of a flower's stem or the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower follows the golden ratio, creating a visually harmonious composition.

Fractal Structures in Flowers

Beyond the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, flowers exhibit fractal structures in their overall shape and intricate details. Take, for example, the Romanesco broccoli, a captivating vegetable that 

showcases a mesmerizing fractal pattern of spiraling cones. Similarly, the delicate branches of a fern or the veins of a leaf branch out in a self-repeating manner, forming intricate fractal networks.

The Role of Fractals in Nature

Fractals play a vital role in nature, providing efficient ways for plants to maximize their exposure to sunlight, water, and nutrients. The branching patterns of trees, for instance, allow them to optimize their leaf surface area while minimizing energy expenditure. By utilizing fractal designs, plants can efficiently distribute resources throughout their structures, ensuring their survival and growth.

Appreciating Nature's Mathematical Symphony

The presence of fractals in flowers not only showcases the elegance of mathematics but also highlights the interconnectedness between science and art. As we marvel at the intricate patterns and symmetrical beauty of nature's fractal flowers, we gain a deeper appreciation for the underlying mathematical principles that govern their existence.


Nature's fractal flowers serve as a testament to the remarkable harmony between mathematics and the natural world. From the Fibonacci sequence determining petal counts to the golden ratio dictating proportions, these intricate patterns reveal the hidden mathematical beauty that lies within flowers. As we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of fractals, we gain a renewed sense of wonder and admiration for the symphony of nature's creations. So, the next time you encounter a blooming flower, take a moment to appreciate the mathematical masterpiece that it truly is.

Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: It's Time For A New Start, Bury The Past and Start Again

I did a Celtic Cross tarot reading and the message from Spirit is that it is time to make a new start by finally burying the past and keeping it there. Only then can you truly start again. 

Too many times in life we leave a negative or toxic situation, don't deal with the issues that arise, and then start again. Sometimes we do this by refusing to look at past issues and heal them. Other times we numb the impact from past trauma by self-medicating ourselves but this only delays our healing. We may even convince ourselves that we have started again with a fresh beginning, yet all of the trauma, pain, and issues from the past are simply buried. This is unhealthy because nothing can stay buried forever and these issues will always resurface in one form or another.

Here is the free tarot reading.

Card 1 Three of Cups: Defines the Question

 When I do a reading for the collective, I keep my questions very general. For this reading, I asked Spirit what Spirit wants us to know. My process is then the same as going into blind mediumship as I just wait for the cards and message to come through. The first card defines the question, and the Three of Cups shows me that this question surrounds wonderful, celebratory events and milestones in our lives.

Card 2 Five of Cups- Defines the Question

The second card, Five of Cups, also defines the question and works in harmony with the first card. In the Celtic Cross reading it literally crosses the first card. In my readings, these cards expound on the question and let me know that I have connected with the divine and will receive the answers I am seeking.

The Five of Cups crosses the Thre of Cups which refers to celebratory and happy times. In the Five of cups, three cups have spilled and the figure is crying over those cups that are now empty. Those three cups that are spilled are the three cups of joy from the first card.

Please take a moment to review the image of the women holding their cups in Card 1 and contrast it with the image of the spilled cups in Card 2. Spirit showed me that this message is for those who are in a period of grief and mourning over the things they have lost in the past.

Card 3 Eight of Swords- The Goal

The third card in this Celtic Cross reading is the Eight of Swords. In this reading, the past has left our querent trapped, unable to see clearly, restricted, powerless, and confused. Spirit's goal for all of us is to remove the bonds from the past so that we may move freely in our destiny and live our lives in freedom, joy, and peace. It's time to break the chains of the past but what must we do to achieve that? What has been blocking our freedom and hindering us from moving forward?

Card 4 Seven of Swords- Obstacles/Barriers

The Seven of Swords shows that our querent has been operating in a self-preservation mode that has caused them to focus solely on themselves. They are closed-off, hiding from the truth, and are unwilling to face the facts or face the music so to speak. Maybe our querent played a part in the turmoil of the past but doesn't want to admit their involvement. It's possible that instead of making apologies or trying to work with those in the past towards resolution they instead simply left and went their own way. Though they took the easy way out and thought this was the best solution, it proved problematic in the long run. Please take a look at the picture on Card 3 along with the images on Card 4.

In Card 3, the Eight of Swords, our querent is trapped and surrounded by swords, unable to take the sword and cut the ropes that are holding them bound. In Card 4, the querent has decided not to fight and grabbed as many swords as they could carry and ran off with them.

Spirit is saying the only way to overcome this obstacle from the past is to face it, engage in the battle of the demons of your past, so that you may truly move forward.

Card 5 Knight of Pentacles - Strengths

Card 5 is about your strengths and the Knight of Pentacles shows that you have the inner capabilities and strengths to do the hard work, fight the good fight of faith, and conquer the demons from your past. You are like the Knight who is well-trained, ready, and prepared for battle. No one wants to pick up their weapons and fight, but soldiers and knights know that some things must be fought for. Your strength is that you are the knight in shining armor of your life and you can fight for yourself. 

You don't need someone to come save you. You have all of the tools necessary to save yourself from the bonds that have held you captive and set yourself free.

Card 6 Queen of Swords - External Influences

In this situation of dealing with your past, you must be direct, honest, and truthful. The Knight of Pentacles shows us that you must put hard work into healing from your past and the Queen of Swords says to be strong, honest, resolute, and direct. No one can sway you from your pursuit. No one can stop you from achieving your goals. The only person who can truly hold you back in life is yourself. Take on the character of this no-nonsense Queen and deal with your past once and for all.

Card 7 The World- Timing

The seventh card in our Celtic Cross tarot reading is about timing. The World is the 22nd and final card in the Major Arcana. It is number 21 and represents the end of the journey. In the Hero's journey, we start with the Fool and end with the World. Once that journey is completed, a new one begins and the Major Arcana starts another journey for our Hero. You are the hero of your life and Spirit is saying that it is time to deal with those things from your past that you have buried and tried to ignore. Only by facing them head-on can you truly bury the past and put it to rest once and for all.

The World card says now is the time to complete this part of your journey so that you may start again, only this time, fully healed.

Card 8 Death- Immediate Steps

After the ending of your past that you put into effect with Card 7, the World, you then have Card 8, Death. Death is also transformation. Without putting your past to rest, once and for all, without completely burying these things of the past, you can't be transformed.

It is time to truly bury the past and leave it there, by burying it, just as if it is dead. Those things that happened to you, that you lived through, that you endured, and those things that you did that hurt other people...all of the things that transpired to bring you to where you are today, must be put to death for you to truly live.

This is the death of guilt, the death of shame, the death of unforgiveness, and the death of those things that have continued to haunt you from your past. Let them go. They are dead and buried and you no longer need to carry their weight anymore.

Card 9 Eight of Wands - Overall Approach

It might seem redundant for Card 9 to be the Eight of Wands as this is a card of endings and conclusion, especially since it follows the Major Arcana card Death. Card 8, Death is about Immediate Steps and Card 9 is the Overall Approach. Spirit is saying to us that after you put the past in the past, bury it and release it, do not return to it. 

The Overall Approach here is telling us that after we make this progress, not to go back. Do not revert to old ways of thinking. Do not take on guilt, shame, and attitudes of unforgiveness. Keep your heart open and let those relationships that have run their course end. Let toxic behavior end. Do not return to those things and move forward in your newfound freedom by continually reminding yourself that the past is truly dead and buried. Now walk victoriously in your new life.

Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new!

Card 10 The Fool- Long-term Effect

Card 10 is our Long Term Effect and Spirit is showing us through the Fool, that we will start a new journey. Our hero has completed the difficult and painful lessons of the past and made peace with others and themselves. Now a new journey awaits and our hero is wiser for the adventure.

The fool is full of faith, happiness, and excitement and new things are coming!

Are you ready to bury the past and take a leap of faith into a bright new future?

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Free Timeless Oracle and Tarot Reading: You Will Reap What You Sow so Sow Seeds of Love

I gave a free tarot and oracle reading on my YouTube channel on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, and the reading had several surprises. First, the message that Spirit unfolded was a beautiful reminder that we will reap what we sow, therefore, we should be very careful about the things we think, say, and do. The reading had themes of prayer, karma, and walking in love and there was a bonus, surprise card that showed up at the end. As I came to the end of the reading, I went over the cards and as I held the first card "Pray Always" a second card fell out from behind it! That card became the final one in the reading.

You may see the full video of the reading in the video player below.

Card 1: Pray Always

The first card in the reading is Pray Always. It is from the Bible verse Luke 21:36 that says, "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." (KJV)

 The verse admonishes us to always be in communication with the Holy Spirit and strive to live our lives according to the highest will of all. There will always be trials, tribulations, and negativity that try to attack us at every corner, but through faith, hope, and standing strong in God and ourselves, we will overcome anything that comes our way.

Praying, meditating, and speaking positive words of affirmation are tools that we use to overcome the forces that try to keep us operating on negative frequencies. 

Card 2: Five of SWORDS

The Five of Swords tarot card represents strife, fighting with others, conflict, competition, and just being at odds with the people surrounding you. This could include your family members, friends, or people you encounter in the workplace, or in this age of technology, people you are interacting with online.

When the Five of Swords shows up, Spirit is saying that it is time to take a close look at the relationships you have around you and how they are operating.

When this card appears, it is time to stop interacting with people in the same manner and make a change. As the saying on the card points out, look at how you are treating others and how they are treating you. If this relationship is toxic or unhealthy, then it's time to make a change.

Card 3: The Eternal Light of Love

The Eternal Light of Love reminds us of God's unconditional love for us all and how in turn, we are to show unconditional love to others. This can be very difficult to do, especially when we are dealing with people who quite frankly, are at times unlovable. It's important during these difficult times that we put up the necessary boundaries to protect ourselves and those who depend upon us, while still acting in love.

Praying, ensuring people are treating us the way we deserve to be treated, and treating others as we'd like to be treated (the golden rule) are very important steps to take in our relationships. However, when people cross our boundaries, we must firmly reinforce those boundaries, but also in a loving way. We cannot let other people's actions dictate our response.

If we are committed to walking in the eternal light of love, then we need to respond to people in love. This does not mean weakness, being passive, or letting people take advantage of you or abuse or violate you. It does mean putting up necessary boundaries and then moving on in love and light.

Card 4:  I Reap What I Sow

In this prayer, we are affirming that we understand the impact of our behavior in every situation. Sowing and reaping is a law of life that is seen in multiple religions and faith systems. The words that we say to others will return to us. The actions we engage in will determine the actions we receive. The golden rule is to love your neighbor as yourself. Because of the law of sowing and reaping, we must treat others the way we want them to treat us.

This isn't a magic formula that means if you treat others with love, kindness, respect, compassion, mercy, and grace the same person will return those to you. They may. Your behavior may make them ashamed of the way they've acted and prompt them to change, but it isn't a guarantee. In fact, sometimes in life, the nicer we are to people, the worse they treat us.

It is in those situations that we must assess what we are doing in the toxic situation and make a choice to leave. But that doesn't mean that we should stop treating people the way we want to be treated.

Just because you plant a seed doesn't mean you will get a full harvest the next day. Every act of kindness, every time you return kindness for cruelty, and show mercy and grace, you are planting seeds that will grow into a harvest for you to reap. 

Never give up and never let other people's actions dictate your response. You are in charge of the garden you are planting. No one can force you to dig up the seeds you've planted and that's what responding to people in negativity and anger does. 

Remember that you are planting seeds in the garden of your life every day. You will reap a harvest so make sure you are planting the seeds that you want to grow and harvest.

Card 5: Believe You Shall Receive

Mark 11:24 states,  Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (KJV) and this card tied together the full reading. If you watch the video of the reading above, you will see that this was a surprise card that fell out from behind card 1 towards the end of the reading.

Our reading is about reaping and sowing and making certain that we are treating people the way we would like to be treated as well as putting up necessary boundaries with those who refuse to treat us correctly. We see that in life, we will reap what we sow, whether we intend to get a harvest or not. This i the law of life, the law of attraction, and the law of karma.

Jesus said that we are to pray in faith and believe that the things we are praying for we will receive them. When we plant a crop of corn, we expect that we will get a harvest of corn. If we plant apple tree seeds, we expect that in time, we will grow an apple tree. No one plants orange seeds and gets tomatoes! In life, our words and actions are the seeds that we plant. If we want the best harvest and the best crop, we need to ensure the seeds we plant are growing in the light of love. Only then, can we be certain that we will receive a harvest that will stand the test of time and not fail.

Faith and believing that you will receive what you pray for is the basis of many traditions, religions, and new-age thought. It is the premise of manifestation, prayer, affirmations, and positive thinking. Some people ascribe to the belief that God is an all-supreme-powerful being that overrides our free will and wreaks havoc in our lives as a way of playing games or teaching lessons.

I don't believe this and it has not been my experience in life. There is tremendous power when we align our intentions, beliefs, words, and actions with things of the higher realms. When we choose to work with God, angels, Jesus, sacred saints and souls, spirit beings that operate on the highest frequencies, our holy spirit guides, and ancestors who are still alive but only in a different realm, we will find true miracles happen.

Whether you are praying, setting intentions, meditating, or speaking affirmations, believe that what you are setting your heart on will happen as long as it is in accordance with God, love, and the highest will of all.

Cards 1 and 5

The fifth card fell out from behind the first card during the reading and something is interesting to note here. In tarot, cards on the left represent the past while cards on the right represent the future. This is because the left goes back in time and the right goes forward into the future. In the images of Jesus depicted on the two cards, the first card has Jesus facing the left while the last card has Jesus facing the right. To me, it's as if Jesus is saying to us, 'In the past, you simply prayed. Now that you have learned how prayer works, it's time to shift your prayers and in the future, pray with faith.'

On the left, Jesus is looking down at the ground as if he is taking his steps very carefully, watching every pebble he steps on. Contrast this with the card that symbolizes how we are to pray in the future. Instead of looking down at the ground as we take each step in life, we are now to look up in the heavens with our faith in Spirit. If you can right-click on the picture and see it bigger, you'll notice two doves are flying in the sky. Jesus is holding his staff and looking up in faith at the doves, the clouds, and heaven. Doves represent the Holy Spirit and this is a different walk of faith, it is a different prayer walk. Yes, we are to pray each day, but we are to rest assured that God hears our prayers and that the things we are praying for we will receive.

We are going to reap what we sow. We are going to receive what we pray for. We will manifest our intentions and reap the harvest of our words and actions. Since this is how the world works, let's make certain to sow seeds of love and reap a harvest that will endure the test of time.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Free Timeless Reading: Heaven's Door Leads to Higher Thought

I pulled several cards today and this free, timeless reading is a beautiful message of God's love. I used the deck Oracle of the Angels and I must say how much I am enjoying Mario Duguay's decks. On Fractal Flowers, I love all things fractals. Flowers are natural fractals and I love decks that highlight fractals, sacred geometry, mandalas, and numerology. These decks are filled with images of love and light, heaven, and angels, and as you can see, there is a gorgeous crystal, fractal sphere on the cover of the Messages of Life deck.

Photo by Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn
There is a neat little backstory to the Heaven's Door message. If you follow my YouTube channel, you will see that I am uploading a lot of singing videos. I do apologize for my poor singing, but hey, no one has to listen, right? Anyway, I have always had difficulty singing and speaking. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with my son in 2019 with having hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that things started making sense. 

Well, since then, I have been diagnosed with heart disease, Asthma/COPD, and a slew of other conditions I'm not going to get into. But singing is something I'm working on to increase lung power. 

On Friday night, I was working on the Bob Dylan song 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', and thought I would try and sing it and maybe upload it to my channel. 

Well, Saturday morning, I opened my new Mario Duguay deck "Oracle of the Angels" and was consecrating and dedicating the deck to the Holy Spirit.

When I consecrate a deck, I go through and look at each card while touching it to imbue it with my energy and intention as I pray for the Holy Spirit to use me as a medium to relay messages from the higher realms for the greatest good of all. As I looked at each card and set my intention, I saw that one was "Heaven's Door" and I thought to myself how nice that was since I was working on the song just the night before.

Anyway, I pulled one card for a reading. It is on my YT channel and the card was "Blessing." Still, I felt that I should do something with Heaven's Door. I thought I might just take a photo of it and put it on the Fractal Flowers social media pages.

Then I closed my eyes, prayed, and asked Spirit if I should do a reading with that card. I shuffled the deck, then pulled seven cards for my "Heaven's Door" reading, and lo and behold, the first card I drew was Heaven's Door "Confirmation" that Spirit has something to say.

I did a Silent Reading...this is something I am going to do more of. Instead of me speaking and giving the interpretation, the sitter can look at the cards, study the imagery, and see what Spirit says to them for the meaning. 

Even though these Silent Readings will be on my social media pages, I will put my interpretations here on the blog. You may see the video of the silent reading to the song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan" below.

Here is the Heaven's Door reading with my interpretation. 

Card 1. Heaven's Door

Photo by Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn

We are not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings. When we begin our life journey, we often focus solely on the physical and it isn't until we become older or aware that there is something beyond this life that we begin to seek things of the spiritual realm. To me, this is when we "Knock on Heavens' Door." I interpret this card as signifying the beginning of our spiritual journey. It is that ever-present question that all of humanity has: What is the meaning of life? Or other philosophical and religious questions: Is there a God, Is there life after death, What is my purpose on this planet? 

These are the questions we ponder as we begin our quest into the spirit realm and God is always faithful. When we ask, seek, and knock...the door is opened to us. Those who seek God will find God. When we want to connect with God, God will be faithful and connect with us.

Card 2. Harmony

The second card is Harmony. When we connect with God and begin our spiritual journey, we are in harmony. This harmony isn't solely for our benefit. We are in harmony with Spirit and ourselves, and in turn, we are in harmony with others. Knowing God is to know peace and when we truly know God and choose to make the daily decision to walk in the light according to the Holy Spirit, we must live in harmony with all creatures. It is our goal during this lifetime to live in harmony with God, ourselves, others, animals, and planet Earth. 

The children of God are called peacemakers. 

Card 3. Fulfillment

The third card is Fulfillment. When we are at peace with God, ourselves, and others, we have a sense of fulfillment that brings joy and happiness. This is a peaceful joy and contentment that surpasses the peace of the world. It is a contentment that if other people are attacking you if everything in the world seems against you, if you are facing unsurmountable trials, you understand that this life is temporary and you still are fulfilled. You still have peace, joy, and contentment because your relationship with God has fulfilled you. You knocked on Heaven's Door and Spirit opened that door to you. 

Now, there is nothing that anyone can ever do to separate you from God and the beauty of God's love. This is true fulfillment and joy. It is only to be experienced after you are living in harmony with God and walking in light and love.

Card 4. Success

When I see the image on this card, Success, I see a figure that could be God or man basking in the beauty and peace of success. This could be God being content with the beauty of creation, or this could be a person's higher self who has reached success and feels carefree and ecstatic. Either way, this is a card of success and blessing. We have knocked on Heaven's Door, God has opened the door to us and we chose to walk through. 

By walking through Heaven's door we have decided to live a life of harmony. This harmony and peace has brought us fulfilment and joy and as we continue to live our lives in this state, we experience success. To me, success is the end of the journey.

I feel that this card is God saying to us: "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

Card 5. Moving Towards the Light

Card number five is Moving Towards the Light. I don't know about you, but when I see this card I think of death and the bright light that those who have had near-death experiences (NDE) speak about. There is a figure standing at the base of a bridge ready to make a journey across the bridge and into the light. 

"Well done good and faithful servant. Your journey is over. It's time to cross the bridge and move into the light."

Card 6. Initiation

I really love card number six: Initiation. If you look at this card, you can see how it picks up from card number 5. In card number five, the figure was further in the back and had to cross a bridge to move 'towards' the light. This is a journey for the soul that is crossing over from this life to spirit. The light is further away on card number 5 than it is on card number 6. 

In 'Initiation" we see the figure approaching stairs. First, there was a bridge to cross, and now the figure is right at the foot of the stairs. Ask yourself, "What is at the top of the stairs?" 

When you look at the card, you can see that the light is not just a bright, white blinding light anymore, but it is now a clearly visible heaven. There are layers upon layers of clouds.

Also, on the stairs are chakras. This is the figure's energy center. The person is moving from their root chakra to their sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and then the crown chakra. What we see here, is that the chakras are aligned and in balance and are leading up the stairs. The chakras are leading the person to their destination...What is the destination, you ask? 


Let's see card number 7.

Card 7. Higher Thought

Now our figure has walked up the stairs and entered the realms of glory. What is this glory realm? What is this heaven? In this reading, it is called "Higher Thought" and I love this. I love this because it is so universal and applicable to many different religious faiths and beliefs. 

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs or if you hold none, those who believe in the afterlife do believe that there is a greater, collective consciousness. That this life ends so that you may become spirit and ascend. The stairs that we see depicted in the last two cards speak of ascension. If you look back at this reading,  you will see that our figure started out at the bottom of the steps, looking up at Heaven's door, ready to knock.

In our "Harmony" card, we see our figure is still very much connected to Earth. They are connected to their life and are grounded to earth, they are sitting on the ground in a meditative state, becoming one with themselves, God, earth, nature, and life itself.

In "Fulfillment" our figure is still very much connected to Earth. They are walking on a flat journey, a path through an open gate.

In "Success" our figure is above reaching the pinnacle. This may even be the view of looking at yourself from heaven's point of view.

In 'Moving Towards the Light" we see a bridge that must be crossed. The focus of this reading has shifted from being grounded and connected to earth, to moving towards that brilliant light that is seen off in the distance. Though the figure has crossed over, the journey isn't over. They still must pursue the light and go after it.

In all the cards up to this point, the figure was on a solid foundation, walking straight and curved paths. 

Now they have crossed over and are beginning ascension.

In "Initiation" our figure is walking upstairs to get as close to the light as possible. It also shows that they are moving through the energy centers of the chakras that end with the crown chakra, yet in the picture, you may see that there is "heaven" above the crown chakra. 

The crown chakra is what connects us to the higher heavenly realms while we are on earth. This is the chakra or energy port that God uses to connect with us. In this card, you can see that the chakras are ascending the stairs until they culminate in the heavens.

The final card is Higher Thought and we could easily call this "Heaven" or "Universal Consciousness". We could even call this "Source" or simply "God."

The figure has ascended beyond his crown chakra in card six and has moved into the realm of Higher Thought. This journey of ascension has culminated in the light.

Now, depending on what you believe, the figure may rest in Higher Thought for all eternity, or choose to start the journey again, for various reasons. Or, maybe they will stay and become a guide for others.

What do you think about this reading? Please share your views in the comments below.

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