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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: It's Time For A New Start, Bury The Past and Start Again

I did a Celtic Cross tarot reading and the message from Spirit is that it is time to make a new start by finally burying the past and keeping it there. Only then can you truly start again. 

Too many times in life we leave a negative or toxic situation, don't deal with the issues that arise, and then start again. Sometimes we do this by refusing to look at past issues and heal them. Other times we numb the impact from past trauma by self-medicating ourselves but this only delays our healing. We may even convince ourselves that we have started again with a fresh beginning, yet all of the trauma, pain, and issues from the past are simply buried. This is unhealthy because nothing can stay buried forever and these issues will always resurface in one form or another.

Here is the free tarot reading.

Card 1 Three of Cups: Defines the Question

 When I do a reading for the collective, I keep my questions very general. For this reading, I asked Spirit what Spirit wants us to know. My process is then the same as going into blind mediumship as I just wait for the cards and message to come through. The first card defines the question, and the Three of Cups shows me that this question surrounds wonderful, celebratory events and milestones in our lives.

Card 2 Five of Cups- Defines the Question

The second card, Five of Cups, also defines the question and works in harmony with the first card. In the Celtic Cross reading it literally crosses the first card. In my readings, these cards expound on the question and let me know that I have connected with the divine and will receive the answers I am seeking.

The Five of Cups crosses the Thre of Cups which refers to celebratory and happy times. In the Five of cups, three cups have spilled and the figure is crying over those cups that are now empty. Those three cups that are spilled are the three cups of joy from the first card.

Please take a moment to review the image of the women holding their cups in Card 1 and contrast it with the image of the spilled cups in Card 2. Spirit showed me that this message is for those who are in a period of grief and mourning over the things they have lost in the past.

Card 3 Eight of Swords- The Goal

The third card in this Celtic Cross reading is the Eight of Swords. In this reading, the past has left our querent trapped, unable to see clearly, restricted, powerless, and confused. Spirit's goal for all of us is to remove the bonds from the past so that we may move freely in our destiny and live our lives in freedom, joy, and peace. It's time to break the chains of the past but what must we do to achieve that? What has been blocking our freedom and hindering us from moving forward?

Card 4 Seven of Swords- Obstacles/Barriers

The Seven of Swords shows that our querent has been operating in a self-preservation mode that has caused them to focus solely on themselves. They are closed-off, hiding from the truth, and are unwilling to face the facts or face the music so to speak. Maybe our querent played a part in the turmoil of the past but doesn't want to admit their involvement. It's possible that instead of making apologies or trying to work with those in the past towards resolution they instead simply left and went their own way. Though they took the easy way out and thought this was the best solution, it proved problematic in the long run. Please take a look at the picture on Card 3 along with the images on Card 4.

In Card 3, the Eight of Swords, our querent is trapped and surrounded by swords, unable to take the sword and cut the ropes that are holding them bound. In Card 4, the querent has decided not to fight and grabbed as many swords as they could carry and ran off with them.

Spirit is saying the only way to overcome this obstacle from the past is to face it, engage in the battle of the demons of your past, so that you may truly move forward.

Card 5 Knight of Pentacles - Strengths

Card 5 is about your strengths and the Knight of Pentacles shows that you have the inner capabilities and strengths to do the hard work, fight the good fight of faith, and conquer the demons from your past. You are like the Knight who is well-trained, ready, and prepared for battle. No one wants to pick up their weapons and fight, but soldiers and knights know that some things must be fought for. Your strength is that you are the knight in shining armor of your life and you can fight for yourself. 

You don't need someone to come save you. You have all of the tools necessary to save yourself from the bonds that have held you captive and set yourself free.

Card 6 Queen of Swords - External Influences

In this situation of dealing with your past, you must be direct, honest, and truthful. The Knight of Pentacles shows us that you must put hard work into healing from your past and the Queen of Swords says to be strong, honest, resolute, and direct. No one can sway you from your pursuit. No one can stop you from achieving your goals. The only person who can truly hold you back in life is yourself. Take on the character of this no-nonsense Queen and deal with your past once and for all.

Card 7 The World- Timing

The seventh card in our Celtic Cross tarot reading is about timing. The World is the 22nd and final card in the Major Arcana. It is number 21 and represents the end of the journey. In the Hero's journey, we start with the Fool and end with the World. Once that journey is completed, a new one begins and the Major Arcana starts another journey for our Hero. You are the hero of your life and Spirit is saying that it is time to deal with those things from your past that you have buried and tried to ignore. Only by facing them head-on can you truly bury the past and put it to rest once and for all.

The World card says now is the time to complete this part of your journey so that you may start again, only this time, fully healed.

Card 8 Death- Immediate Steps

After the ending of your past that you put into effect with Card 7, the World, you then have Card 8, Death. Death is also transformation. Without putting your past to rest, once and for all, without completely burying these things of the past, you can't be transformed.

It is time to truly bury the past and leave it there, by burying it, just as if it is dead. Those things that happened to you, that you lived through, that you endured, and those things that you did that hurt other people...all of the things that transpired to bring you to where you are today, must be put to death for you to truly live.

This is the death of guilt, the death of shame, the death of unforgiveness, and the death of those things that have continued to haunt you from your past. Let them go. They are dead and buried and you no longer need to carry their weight anymore.

Card 9 Eight of Wands - Overall Approach

It might seem redundant for Card 9 to be the Eight of Wands as this is a card of endings and conclusion, especially since it follows the Major Arcana card Death. Card 8, Death is about Immediate Steps and Card 9 is the Overall Approach. Spirit is saying to us that after you put the past in the past, bury it and release it, do not return to it. 

The Overall Approach here is telling us that after we make this progress, not to go back. Do not revert to old ways of thinking. Do not take on guilt, shame, and attitudes of unforgiveness. Keep your heart open and let those relationships that have run their course end. Let toxic behavior end. Do not return to those things and move forward in your newfound freedom by continually reminding yourself that the past is truly dead and buried. Now walk victoriously in your new life.

Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new!

Card 10 The Fool- Long-term Effect

Card 10 is our Long Term Effect and Spirit is showing us through the Fool, that we will start a new journey. Our hero has completed the difficult and painful lessons of the past and made peace with others and themselves. Now a new journey awaits and our hero is wiser for the adventure.

The fool is full of faith, happiness, and excitement and new things are coming!

Are you ready to bury the past and take a leap of faith into a bright new future?

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