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Monday, December 4, 2023

Free Timeless Reading: Heaven's Door Leads to Higher Thought

I pulled several cards today and this free, timeless reading is a beautiful message of God's love. I used the deck Oracle of the Angels and I must say how much I am enjoying Mario Duguay's decks. On Fractal Flowers, I love all things fractals. Flowers are natural fractals and I love decks that highlight fractals, sacred geometry, mandalas, and numerology. These decks are filled with images of love and light, heaven, and angels, and as you can see, there is a gorgeous crystal, fractal sphere on the cover of the Messages of Life deck.

Photo by Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn
There is a neat little backstory to the Heaven's Door message. If you follow my YouTube channel, you will see that I am uploading a lot of singing videos. I do apologize for my poor singing, but hey, no one has to listen, right? Anyway, I have always had difficulty singing and speaking. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with my son in 2019 with having hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that things started making sense. 

Well, since then, I have been diagnosed with heart disease, Asthma/COPD, and a slew of other conditions I'm not going to get into. But singing is something I'm working on to increase lung power. 

On Friday night, I was working on the Bob Dylan song 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', and thought I would try and sing it and maybe upload it to my channel. 

Well, Saturday morning, I opened my new Mario Duguay deck "Oracle of the Angels" and was consecrating and dedicating the deck to the Holy Spirit.

When I consecrate a deck, I go through and look at each card while touching it to imbue it with my energy and intention as I pray for the Holy Spirit to use me as a medium to relay messages from the higher realms for the greatest good of all. As I looked at each card and set my intention, I saw that one was "Heaven's Door" and I thought to myself how nice that was since I was working on the song just the night before.

Anyway, I pulled one card for a reading. It is on my YT channel and the card was "Blessing." Still, I felt that I should do something with Heaven's Door. I thought I might just take a photo of it and put it on the Fractal Flowers social media pages.

Then I closed my eyes, prayed, and asked Spirit if I should do a reading with that card. I shuffled the deck, then pulled seven cards for my "Heaven's Door" reading, and lo and behold, the first card I drew was Heaven's Door "Confirmation" that Spirit has something to say.

I did a Silent Reading...this is something I am going to do more of. Instead of me speaking and giving the interpretation, the sitter can look at the cards, study the imagery, and see what Spirit says to them for the meaning. 

Even though these Silent Readings will be on my social media pages, I will put my interpretations here on the blog. You may see the video of the silent reading to the song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan" below.

Here is the Heaven's Door reading with my interpretation. 

Card 1. Heaven's Door

Photo by Fractal Flowers Charisse Van Horn

We are not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings. When we begin our life journey, we often focus solely on the physical and it isn't until we become older or aware that there is something beyond this life that we begin to seek things of the spiritual realm. To me, this is when we "Knock on Heavens' Door." I interpret this card as signifying the beginning of our spiritual journey. It is that ever-present question that all of humanity has: What is the meaning of life? Or other philosophical and religious questions: Is there a God, Is there life after death, What is my purpose on this planet? 

These are the questions we ponder as we begin our quest into the spirit realm and God is always faithful. When we ask, seek, and knock...the door is opened to us. Those who seek God will find God. When we want to connect with God, God will be faithful and connect with us.

Card 2. Harmony

The second card is Harmony. When we connect with God and begin our spiritual journey, we are in harmony. This harmony isn't solely for our benefit. We are in harmony with Spirit and ourselves, and in turn, we are in harmony with others. Knowing God is to know peace and when we truly know God and choose to make the daily decision to walk in the light according to the Holy Spirit, we must live in harmony with all creatures. It is our goal during this lifetime to live in harmony with God, ourselves, others, animals, and planet Earth. 

The children of God are called peacemakers. 

Card 3. Fulfillment

The third card is Fulfillment. When we are at peace with God, ourselves, and others, we have a sense of fulfillment that brings joy and happiness. This is a peaceful joy and contentment that surpasses the peace of the world. It is a contentment that if other people are attacking you if everything in the world seems against you, if you are facing unsurmountable trials, you understand that this life is temporary and you still are fulfilled. You still have peace, joy, and contentment because your relationship with God has fulfilled you. You knocked on Heaven's Door and Spirit opened that door to you. 

Now, there is nothing that anyone can ever do to separate you from God and the beauty of God's love. This is true fulfillment and joy. It is only to be experienced after you are living in harmony with God and walking in light and love.

Card 4. Success

When I see the image on this card, Success, I see a figure that could be God or man basking in the beauty and peace of success. This could be God being content with the beauty of creation, or this could be a person's higher self who has reached success and feels carefree and ecstatic. Either way, this is a card of success and blessing. We have knocked on Heaven's Door, God has opened the door to us and we chose to walk through. 

By walking through Heaven's door we have decided to live a life of harmony. This harmony and peace has brought us fulfilment and joy and as we continue to live our lives in this state, we experience success. To me, success is the end of the journey.

I feel that this card is God saying to us: "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

Card 5. Moving Towards the Light

Card number five is Moving Towards the Light. I don't know about you, but when I see this card I think of death and the bright light that those who have had near-death experiences (NDE) speak about. There is a figure standing at the base of a bridge ready to make a journey across the bridge and into the light. 

"Well done good and faithful servant. Your journey is over. It's time to cross the bridge and move into the light."

Card 6. Initiation

I really love card number six: Initiation. If you look at this card, you can see how it picks up from card number 5. In card number five, the figure was further in the back and had to cross a bridge to move 'towards' the light. This is a journey for the soul that is crossing over from this life to spirit. The light is further away on card number 5 than it is on card number 6. 

In 'Initiation" we see the figure approaching stairs. First, there was a bridge to cross, and now the figure is right at the foot of the stairs. Ask yourself, "What is at the top of the stairs?" 

When you look at the card, you can see that the light is not just a bright, white blinding light anymore, but it is now a clearly visible heaven. There are layers upon layers of clouds.

Also, on the stairs are chakras. This is the figure's energy center. The person is moving from their root chakra to their sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and then the crown chakra. What we see here, is that the chakras are aligned and in balance and are leading up the stairs. The chakras are leading the person to their destination...What is the destination, you ask? 


Let's see card number 7.

Card 7. Higher Thought

Now our figure has walked up the stairs and entered the realms of glory. What is this glory realm? What is this heaven? In this reading, it is called "Higher Thought" and I love this. I love this because it is so universal and applicable to many different religious faiths and beliefs. 

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs or if you hold none, those who believe in the afterlife do believe that there is a greater, collective consciousness. That this life ends so that you may become spirit and ascend. The stairs that we see depicted in the last two cards speak of ascension. If you look back at this reading,  you will see that our figure started out at the bottom of the steps, looking up at Heaven's door, ready to knock.

In our "Harmony" card, we see our figure is still very much connected to Earth. They are connected to their life and are grounded to earth, they are sitting on the ground in a meditative state, becoming one with themselves, God, earth, nature, and life itself.

In "Fulfillment" our figure is still very much connected to Earth. They are walking on a flat journey, a path through an open gate.

In "Success" our figure is above reaching the pinnacle. This may even be the view of looking at yourself from heaven's point of view.

In 'Moving Towards the Light" we see a bridge that must be crossed. The focus of this reading has shifted from being grounded and connected to earth, to moving towards that brilliant light that is seen off in the distance. Though the figure has crossed over, the journey isn't over. They still must pursue the light and go after it.

In all the cards up to this point, the figure was on a solid foundation, walking straight and curved paths. 

Now they have crossed over and are beginning ascension.

In "Initiation" our figure is walking upstairs to get as close to the light as possible. It also shows that they are moving through the energy centers of the chakras that end with the crown chakra, yet in the picture, you may see that there is "heaven" above the crown chakra. 

The crown chakra is what connects us to the higher heavenly realms while we are on earth. This is the chakra or energy port that God uses to connect with us. In this card, you can see that the chakras are ascending the stairs until they culminate in the heavens.

The final card is Higher Thought and we could easily call this "Heaven" or "Universal Consciousness". We could even call this "Source" or simply "God."

The figure has ascended beyond his crown chakra in card six and has moved into the realm of Higher Thought. This journey of ascension has culminated in the light.

Now, depending on what you believe, the figure may rest in Higher Thought for all eternity, or choose to start the journey again, for various reasons. Or, maybe they will stay and become a guide for others.

What do you think about this reading? Please share your views in the comments below.

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