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Friday, October 28, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: October 28, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. It is Friday, October 28, 2022, and today's message is from the Angels and Ancestors deck. Today's card is 'Wise One' and the message is Grow Within Your Current Situation.

The Wise One is a nice way to describe the crone aspect of the three-fold goddess. the triple goddess comprises the maiden, mother, and crone or wise woman. This is the woman who has reached her senior years and displays the most psychic aspects of the stages. Where the maiden holds most of her spiritual power in her innocence and purity, the mother holds her power in her ability to grow, nurture, and manifest.

The crone or wise woman holds her power and strength in her wisdom. She can readily trust her intuition because she has years of experience behind her. She easily recognizes the voice of Spirit and the many forms guidance speaks through because of her knowledge. 

Today, the Wise One is speaking to us about the current situations we find ourselves in. We are to lean on our inner knowledge and wisdom and trust Spirit's leading, as we rest assured that all things will work together for our good. 

If you are not the Wise One yet, this message may say that you need to seek the advice and wisdom from your elders. You may be in a situation and feel lost, helpless and without direction. Spirit will use the Wise Ones to help guide you on the correct path so if you are unsure what to do, seek at the help, advice, and wisdom from a Wise One.

You may also want to embrace the characteristics of the Wise One in relation to your situation. This can include being responsible, making wise decisions, being accountable, and honoring the commitments that you have made in life. By leaning on your own wisdom and when in doubt,  seeking the advice of the Wise One, you will continue to grow during your current situation.

You may learn more about the triple goddess in the video player below.

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