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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 1, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Are you celebrating Samhain? Samhain began on October 31st at dusk and ends tonight on November 1st at dusk. It is a time to honor the dead and welcome the season of darkness. It's also a time when we look at our own lives and release things that no longer serve us. Just as the trees are releasing their leaves and nuts, we too must let go of things that are holding us back as we prepare for the winter months.

Winter is all about protection and using the things that were stored up during the harvest for sustenance. As we await the new growth of spring, we enter this season prepared and ready for to let spirit do the releasing work in us so that we create room for new growth.

Jack-o'-lanterns (or will-o'-the-wisps) have been lit for centuries to keep dark spirits (often mischievous fae or sprites) from wreaking havoc on one's life. Lit jack-o'-lanterns are used to provide protection of the home where they are adorned. 

Do you need protection today? Yesterday are message was 'Zombie' and we received Spirit's messages about living life to the fullest and being a pro-active, participant in your life. Now, we see our message is protection. Do you feel safe and secure? Do you believe that you can achieve the life that you want and that there is nothing to fear as you go after your dreams? Do you know within your heart that you are truly safe from all harm?

There is great peace that comes when you accept Spirit's love and realize that there is nothing anyone can do to you to truly harm you. Bring in the white light of Spirit multiple times per day and grow that energy as a super strong, impenetrable barrier that surrounds and protects you. Do you protect yourself and your home with charms, spells, herbs, and crystals? If not, then start now.

Maybe you don't need spiritual protection but physical protection. Do you need to set up boundaries in your life? Are people taking advantage of you? Are you dealing with people who do not have your best interest at heart? Jack-o'-lantern says that it is time for you to think of yourself first and ensure that you are being protected. Spirit offers you all the protection you need. Make sure to work with your spirit team and let your guardian angels know what you need. Call upon Archangel Michael for your protection needs.

Here is a white light meditation that will help you call on Archangel Michael for protection and purification.

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