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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 5, 2022


Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. I hope you are having a wonderful day. It is Saturday, November 5, 2022, and I pulled one card for you. Spirit's message today is Harmless. 

November is the month when we celebrate the dead. Modern media has made many people fear death and the unknown. As a psychic medium, I understand that there are beings on the spiritual plane that do mean to hurt or harm us, but that we control who we open our heart's door to.

Just as you decide who you let into your physical home, you also control what entity or situation you allow in your spiritual life.

November is not a time to fear death, darkness, or the paranormal, but it is a time to determine what spirit, situation, or relationships you will allow remaining in your life and what you will no longer tolerate.

Beginning with Halloween, the world focuses on ghosts, goblins, werewolves, vampires, demons, and even serial killers. Streaming television services begin non-stop marathons of slasher, gore, and horror films.

 The focus is placed on the dark side of the paranormal as it seems Hollywood is oblivious to the real purpose of spirit communication with the dead: healing.

This is not a time to walk around in fear of the unknown, but a time to set your intentions, elevate your spirit and work with your Spirit Team who have your best interest at heart. There are evil spirits in the world and when you close the door on them, they will not interact with them. By choosing to work and walk in love and raising your frequency by only allowing those from higher planes to work with you, you do not need to fear spirit communication.

You find that your spirit team is not only harmless but has your best interest at heart.

Spirit has shifted our messages to those of Creation; Hope; Trust; and now Harmless and I believe Spirit wants us to open our hearts to love and resist all fear. Now is the time to trust in Spirit and know that you are destined for good things in life. 

Walk with Spirit and you will never walk alone.

Here is a wonderful relaxation video featuring the 432 Hz, heart chakra frequency that promotes relaxation and healing.

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