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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Oracle and Tarot Readings: November 6, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fractal Flowers. Today is Sunday, November 6, 2022. I pulled one card for you today and it is Excitement. 

Spirit has given us wonderful messages this week and is promising wonderful things coming our way.

 Today's message of Excitement follows yesterday's card Harmless. Are you excited about working with Spirit? Are you excited about the good things that will come your way when you raise your vibration, trust in Spirit, and live your life walking with Spirit by holding the hand of love?

Our lives are journeys full of roads, turns, and valleys. It's easy to succumb to the pressures of life, give in to the negativity, and lose our focus along the way. Please remember that this is not the way Spirit wants you to live. 

Spirit has planned good things for you and it is up to you to open your heart to love and receive the wonderful gifts that await you.

Many people are walking wounded. They are living their lives in a shell because of the trauma they experienced. Some turn to substance abuse and other addictions to block out the pain or the after-effects of what they went through. This creates a negative cycle that stops people from living their life to their true potential and can stop them from ever reaching their dreams and goals. As 2022 draws to a close and we prepare for the winter solstice and then the new year, let's make a point to be excited about our lives. 

Sometimes you need to change your environment in order to change your perspective. Here at Fractal Flowers, we understand the importance of spending time in nature, especially if you are dealing with stress, sorrow, anxiety, and depression.

I pulled two additional cards for you to help you focus your intentions in the right direction. The first card is an affirmation that reminds us we have all the wisdom that we need inside of us. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we have a direct line of communication with Spirit and our higher selves. Meditating, resetting, and focusing is often what we need to get back on track.

The second card reminds us that we are not alone in this world. Besides the help from our friends, loved ones, and spirit; we have the wisdom of nature as well. Besides our guardian angels and even wisdom from the fairy realm and elementals, we have the beauty and wisdom of nature as teachers and healers. It's easy to lose our connection to Mother Earth with our technology and indoor lifestyles; however, it is important to spend time in nature every day. Sometimes just going for a walk and observing the plant and animal life that you see can help lift you out of a dreary mood and help you refocus and feel refreshed. 

Spirit is reminding us to spend time outdoors doing things we find exciting. What are you waiting for? Get outside and have some fun!

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