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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Spirit Is Speaking To Us Today About Hope In The Darkness: Let Your Light Shine


Good Morning! If you are following my blog, you know that today's message from the Autumn Delights oracle deck is 'hope.' I pulled another card for my YT channel and it is along the same theme: Light in the Unexpected.' I love Spirit's message that is coming through as we are now in the season of darkness.

With the onset of Halloween (Samhain) and the Day of the Dead, much of the world currently recognizes that we are entering the 'dark season.' Messages continue to come through showing the parallels between what is happening in the natural world and what is happening in our spiritual lives. When I see Spirit repeat themes such as this, I often ask: 'What is coming, Spirit?' 'Why do you keep repeating messages about hope and light in the darkness?'

I believe that this may be a little more involved than Spirit simply saying: 'Cheer up, things will get better.' I feel this has to do with the pandemic and the coming winter months in relation to COVID-19 and RSV cases.  I 100 percent believe in and advocate for the vaccine. I am vaccinated and boosted and believe that vaccination is the answer (and has been the answer) to pandemics. And I have a rare genetic condition, auto-immune disorders are something I regularly deal with, and more than one of my children and family members have suffered legitimate side effects from vaccinations. STILL, I RECOMMEND THE VACCINE. I lost my aunt to Covid-19 and people need to stop focusing on conspiracy theories and focus on facts.

With that said, I felt in my spirit that we are being given a warning and a message of hope. We are not to live our lives in fear of the unknown, however; navigating these dark days of the pandemic can be difficult, trying, and stressful. 

Our beautiful message of hope reminds us that there is no situation that can overshadow the light of the human spirit. There is no darkness that the light will not scatter. We are made of stars; we are stardust. When we are surrounded by darkness, WE ARE THE LIGHT THAT SHINES.

No matter how down you may feel, refuel your light. Go to Spirit and refill your lamp. If you are having difficulty letting your light shine, then you need to spend time with Source. It's so easy. Simply close your eyes, breathe, relax, and listen. Open your heart to Spirit and Spirit will not let you down.

The message on YouTube (I have embedded it below) speaks about the Light in the Unexpected. This message refers to challenges or situations that suddenly show up unexpectedly. Sometimes these situations are minor setbacks (such as the five of coins or pentacles in the tarot deck) but other times they may be full major arcana Tower moments. It's hard to find the light in the darkness and some succumb to the darkness and simply give up. People may make matters worse by focusing on the confusion they feel rather than finding their way out of the situation.

The light is always there. The darkness never extinguishes the light and there is no situation that you can ever face that there isn't a way out of it. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way out is through, but that doesn't mean you are alone on your journey. You are also never left empty-handed and without the light of Spirit to guide you along the way.

It is humanity's journey to go through trials and difficulties as this is how we develop our character. The dark times will come; that is guaranteed. But we are not to fear these times. It is through these periods that we lift up our lights, illuminate our path, and begin our journeys carefully and meticulously. We will make it through. 

Do not give up. Spirit will never give up on you.

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